It doesn’t look like diet food, and it doesn’t taste like diet food, but at 450 calories for dinner, it certainly is.

For the past week, I’ve been trialling a new home delivery service which offers fresh, ready to eat food which can be used for a calorie controlled diet.

They call it restaurant quality food but I liken it more to something I would pick up from my favourite takeaway.  That’s because those black plastic containers will never win a beauty contest.  Plated and presented on a linen tablecloth, however, and I might be persuaded differently.

On the plus side, there’s also a delicious aroma when I open the packaging after heating. It’s appetising and makes me want to dive right in.

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Life Pack

I asked Life Pack’s CEO Simon Cauchi to explain how their system works.

How would you describe your food?

If our loyal customers get a few extra hours a week to do the things they love, our job is done.

We want the Life Pack family to experience more out of life, by doing the hard work for them. Forget about the planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, we will take care of it all! Life Pack is not just a food service, it’s a way of living. We do a range of different meals from vegetarian to an old classic, roast chicken and veg.

How does it work for people as diet food?

All of our meals are calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced. We aim for 300 calories for breakfast, 350 calories for lunch, 450 calories for dinner, 200 calories for snacks and 50 calories per serving of fruit. We recommend you use this as a guide when selecting your meal options. We also aim to make sure you’re getting the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, protein and fibre in your diet.

For those wanting to lose weight, the 1500 calorie 7-day plan has been designed for just that.

The 2200 calorie plan is for those who need a little bit more energy to see them through the day because their activity levels are a little higher or simply wanting to maintain their weight.

What are the points of difference between Life Pack and your competitors?

We are fresh and not frozen. We guarantee no more than three days from picking your produce to packing it.

We use a method that enables fresh packaged food products to maintain a visual, textural and nutritional appeal. An optimal blend of pure oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen within our high barrier package enables us to package our food without requiring the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilisers. This method allows us to continually meet our consumer’s expectation for brand quality, consistency and freshness.

Life Pack uses reusable packaging known as Woolcool which keeps temperatures as low as 2.5 degrees after a 24-hour period. Not only does Woolcool outperform polystyrene, but it is also 100 percent natural, sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable insulated packaging system. A win win for both the planet and customer.

Where do you source the ingredients?

We do our best to source all of our ingredients from reputable Australian suppliers. There are some exceptions such as pasta, some spices and coconut cream that we source overseas because they are either not available in Australia or they are a superior product. All our fresh produce is sourced locally either directly from farmers or local traders at the Brisbane Markets. We do our own buying, so we have complete control over the quality of our produce.

Where is it made?

We make all our food in-house at Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Ed+K’s top diet food picks

I tried a wide selection of the diet food meals, and these are my top three for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Quinoa and chia seed porridge with pistachios and rhubarb jam – Loved the whole pistachios and big dollop of jam
  • Huevos rancheros – Authentic flavours and definitely café quality.
  • Cacao and puffed quinoa granola – Delicious chocolatey flavour to this made it taste quite decadent.


  • Brown rice nasi goreng with shredded chicken – Almost took me back to Bali.
  • Coconut, lime and coriander poached chicken salad – Delicious aroma and big chunks of chicken.
  • Cauliflower and three check gratin with lemon thyme and quinoa – Oozy cheese gratin which definitely does not taste like diet food.


  • Thai Green Curry – Tastes like it is straight from a good Thai takeaway to you.
  • Chilli Tuna Linguini, Zucchini & Dill – Spicy with zucchini pasta – a winner dish.
  • Clean Chicken Parmigiana – Tender breast of chicken – chicken parmy without the guilt!

What didn’t I like?

Not too keen on the shepherds pie but it’s never been one of my favourites.

Would you like to try Life Pack?

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The best story will receive a 7-day complete meal plan valued at $199.95 with 7 x breakfast, 7 x lunches, 7 x dinners and 14 x seasonal fruits. To be eligible to win you must be in the Life Pack delivery areas in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (check here) and be subscribed via email to receive post updates from  There is one, 7-day meal plan to give away.

This is a game of skill. Entries close midnight EST August 30, and the winner will be notified by email on August 31.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was gifted a week of Life Pack food and enjoyed it!

And the winner is – Susan Furse.  Susan will receive seven days of LifePack food which includes delicious apples. Time to try them again, Susan!