A robot arm walks into the bionic bar on on Royal Caribean’s Athem of the Seas and the bartender says, “I’m out of a job”.

No joke, on Royal Caribbean’s new Anthem of the Seas, a ship that redefines cool, the Bionic Bar breaks new ground.

Small can be beautiful when it comes to cruise ships


No tipping at the Bionic Bar

The bartender robots are excellent at muddling, stirring, shaking and straining your creation. Once completed, the drink is ready for you to claim via your wristband. Your perfect cocktail just slides across the bar into your hand.

There are 30 different spirits and 20 different mixers, so you are unlikely to be stuck for an option. There’s the occasional breakdown, and a bit of human error to contend with but the ship’s captain says the bionic bartenders are the most reliable staff on board.  Of course, there’s no need to tip, either.



Entertaining options

Anthem of the Seas has a host of fun activities for all including outdoor rock climbing, indoor sky diving, wave boarding and more.  My favourite was the dodgem cars although watching people try to wave board was very entertaining.

There’s an impressive range of restaurants from top chefs and you can even get a good cappucino, a hot dog and French pastries.  There is really something for everyone.

High tech ship

The bionic bar is just one part of the high-tech options on Anthem of the Seas which offers Vroom, what Royal Caribbean calls the fastest internet at sea.

While Anthem of the Seas sails from New York, sister ship Ovation of the Seas is now sailing Australian waters.

Here’s a bad bar joke to make your day –

This grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says, “Hey! We have a drink named after you!” The grasshopper replies, “Really? You have a drink named Steve?”

Disclaimer: Ed+bK travelled on Anthem of the Seas as a guest of Royal Caribbean.