There’s a look of longing that often flashes over the faces of my gluten-free friends when they say no to one of their favourite foods because it is not GF.

It is simply not worth the angst for them to stray from the straight and narrow path of foods which will not upset their stomach.

When Grandma Sarla saw her niece missing out on family favourites at the dinner table, she took up the challenge to create gluten-free versions of samosas, chicken parmy, chocolate profiteroles, and lemon cream shortbread tarts, and make them available via home delivery.

Pran/Jitesh Gohil, CEO/Managing Director of The Gluten Free Meal Co. says they spent many years sourcing ingredients from leading, validated gluten-free suppliers and developing gluten-free ingredient options where none existed.

“We’re so excited that we can look after everyone with this fantastic range of delicious mains, finger foods and desserts that are indistinguishable from dishes everyone enjoys,” says Jitesh/Pran.

“Our home-style gluten-free pastry opened up exciting options for our chefs, and they’ve gone to town with samosas, curry puffs, choc hazelnut bites and more. We’ve received many thank you letters already from people who haven’t been able to eat these delights for years!”

Being able to eat old favourites is definitely a bonus, but what really excited my gluten-free friend Karena was the idea of having a freezer full of ready prepared meals to go that would suit her stomach.

“I guess that is one of the hard things about being GF.”

I asked Karena to trial the meals both for flavour and gluten-free compatitility.

Karena says the order arrived well packed with two ice packs in a foam esky.

“The meals are well priced – $9.90 per meal including delivery. Some were brilliant while others didn’t work so well, but having these meals in the freezer was awesome. I would order again.”

Lamb Seekh Kebab with Couscous was Karena’s top dish.

“The meat was flavourful and defrosted well.  It is hard to get GF couscous.”

Karena thought the Beef Bulgogi, Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Couscous and Thai Green Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice dishes were great. She was not so keen on the Smoky Chipotle Chicken with Mexican Rice and the Chargrilled Chicken with Pesto Risoni dishes.

“The pesto risoni lacked flavour, and the pastry for Thai Green Curry Puffs was a little tough – but it was GF!”

The Gluten Free facts

The portions retail at $9.90 each and there is a minimum spend of $65 per order with free delivery Australia-wide.

The meals are endorsed by Coeliac Australia and every freshly-cooked batch out of the oven or off the stove top undergoes external gluten testing before release for addition gluten free assurance.

You can find out more at The Gluten Free Meal Co.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was supplied meals for testing.