It’s treat time says my rumbling tummy in response to the delicious aromas wafting from the cooking class kitchen at Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Ipswich.

I’ve been rubbing butter into flour, chopping tomatoes and mangoes, zesting limes and learning the tricks along the way to make Christmas goodies that will go straight from the heart to the stomach.

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Jamie’s Giftmas cooking class

Jamie’s Ministry of Food centre holds hands-on cooking courses that use celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s recipes and draw on his philosophy of preparing healthy food from scratch.  Located in d’Arcy Doyle Place in the centre of Ipswich, the centre runs classes six days a week catering to anyone who wants to learn how to cook better.

Today’s work list has a Giftmas theme for Christmas and includes fruit mince pies with a buttery short-crust pastry and a pimped-up filling. There is a granola that uses different types of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It is much cheaper to make than what you’ll pay for the same product at the shop.

Just two and a half hours of cooking fun

The Jamie’s Giftmas class is a quick two and a half hours but packed with hands-on activity.  I’ve also made a delicious mango pickle that I’m keen to pair with my leg ham over Christmas and gained tips on cutting mangoes and tomatoes. There are three small jars of condiment in my take-home kit.  The team have thoughtfully provided labels and string so I can gift them on if I’m generous. Maybe not.

As we finish off our mince tarts, decorating the tops with tiny pastry cut outs of angles, Christmas trees and stars, the granola is slowly roasting to perfection.

Jamie’s Giftmas has treats for all

At the end of the class, everyone sits around a table to share some of the products.  Everything is beautifully presented offering more tips for home delights.  I particularly like the granola served in tiny jars with an old-fashioned milk bottle on the side.

When I leave, I am laden with Jamie’s Giftmas goodies. There’s leftover pastry to turn into biscuits at home plus a little of the fruit mince mixture that’s going to be fabulous on some yoghurt.  I’ve got enough granola for a decadent breakfast, and a container filled with a dozen of my hand made mince tarts.

The details

The Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking courses provides fun, hands-on cooking classes based on Jamie Oliver’s recipes and home cooking philosophy.  The classes are hands-on lessons with a dedicated food trainer who shares plenty of hints, tips and clever short-cuts to make cooking easier, quicker and more fun.

The Jamie’s Giftmas workshop cost $88 and included all ingredients and recipes, plus you take home the Christmas gifts you make.

Next available courses are Pasta Making or the School Holiday Program which runs over four days for three and a half hours with up to 12 participants.  Check the website for the 2018 courses and get in quickly for these enjoyable, value-for-money classes.

Book online at Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

PS – If you are wondering what Giftmas means, it is Christmas with the religious aspects of the holiday removed. It’s all about non-material gifts like love and togetherness and spirit of generosity.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Jamie’s Ministry of Food.