It’s a cornerstone of Australian culture, gathering around THE BBQ while the cook cremates the steak and the dog looks on longingly for the leftovers.

Demolishing some Aussie icons on its way to international barbecue glory, THE BBQ is a gentle comic fable about family and food that brings that warms your heart and makes you strangely proud to be Australian.

A little (or not so little) Aussie battler, laid-back suburban everyman Darren “Dazza” Cook (Shane Jacobsen) loves to entertain his friends and neighbours with his weekly backyard barbecues, utilising the ancient rum-barrel barbecue that family legend prescribes as having come from Captain James Cook’s Endeavour.

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Unexpectedly thrust into the limelight by his employer when an International BBQ Festival comes to town, Dazza needs to sharpen up his act, so enlists the guidance of the mysterious Scottish chef known only as “The Butcher”(Magda Szubanski).

As Dazza hones his chops perfecting the perfect steak, his 12-year-old son Jayden is challenged to prove the dubious Cook family ancestral link, with unexpected results.

Lurking in the background is the nauseating celebrity French chef Andre Montblanc (Manu Feildel) who pits himself against Dazza in an Elite Steak Challenge.

My favourite moment in THE BBQ? It’s when Magda Szubanski tells Manu Feildel “You can take your fancy smoker and if it doesn’t fit, fold it.”

THE BBQ is PG so you can take all the family. In cinemas from February 22.