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My passion for food started long before I could talk with ripe red strawberries.

Visiting my paternal grandparents, I loved to wander down to the backyard and check out the vegetable garden and the hen house. At the home my of maternal grandparents, I used to spend hours cracking macadamia nuts with a hammer while holding the nuts between my toes. Ouch!

My Maltese Great Grandfather also had an impressive garden and would pull baby carrots fresh from the dirt for his great-grandchildren to eat.  I used to steal grapes from the grapevine too, but they didn’t taste so good.

While dad perfected his seafood cocktail sauce and mum slaved over her spaghetti Bolognese, I mastered eating oysters and smoked salmon.

Growing up in a household where dining out was a regular treat long before it became fashionable, I developed an adventurous palate, so I’m one of the first to try a new food so long as it doesn’t wiggle.

Travelling the world bite by bite I’ve walked through narrow, steam-filled alleyways in Tokyo, pulled up a pew in Munich beer hall and clambered through the Cotswold countryside. But it’s Australia and Queensland that I know best, from the red dust verandah of the Birdsville Pub to the cocktail bar on Heart Reef.

I have been a travel and food writer for more than 20 years. I share my journey on Eat, drink + be Kerry and write about food for major magazines and newspapers. Look out for my stories in News Corp’s Sunday Escape section, The Sunday Mail, Vacations & Travel magazine, BNE Magazine, Where Magazine and more.  I am a full member and past President of the Australian Travel Writers Association (ASTW).

For me, it’s all about where to go to eat and where to eat when you go. Join me on my food discovery journey.

I invite you to share my posts, but only as links, please.

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