When it comes to wow factor, head straight to dessert for concoctions that defy gravity and good taste but satisfy the pleasure principle.

I’m talking ice cream flowers, cookie shots, rainbow toasties, and cookie dough jars.  Yes, these are all real desserts designed for their over-the-top appeal and ability to deliver the ultimate sugar fix.

Now thanks to Brisbane’s Leigh Devlin, Brisbane’s dessert world just got a little more crowded with two new offerings from Eat Street Northshore KombiAlley vendor, Double Good, Purveyors of Creative Ice Cream.

Dessert trends

Leigh has tapped into one of the latest dessert trends, anything to do with watermelon, and come up with a Watermelon Soft Slice.  Think big thick slice of watermelon with a u-shaped chunk out of the middle.  The space is filled with soft serve, watermelon-flavoured ice cream.  It’s sure to be a hit when the weather warms up.  The challenge then will be to eat it before it melts.

Double Good’s other stunner is State Fair Funnel Cakes topped with eight flavour soft serve Ice Cream.  Funnel cake is an American treat made with doughnut batter squeezed out to make a sort of cake shape.  It’s a cross between a churro and a doughnut and totally delicious.  That’s topped with the ice cream and a good squirt of caramel sauce.  There are sprinkles on top just in case you needed more sugar.

There are a couple of other sleepers on the Double Good list that may require a return visit.  The Black Elvis Soft Serve looks as though it incorporates Oreo cookies, and it’s definitely black.  I also saw something called ice cream spaghetti, but that’s all I know!

Eat Street Northshore is an improvement on the old site with even more colourful shipping containers stacked into an open air food market.

Where is Eat Street?

Find Eat Street at 221 D Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane.  There is a $2.50 entry fee for people 12 years and older.  The market is open every weekend from 4 pm to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 11 am to 7 pm on Sunday.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Double Good.