You’ve fallen in love with pain au chocolat and dabbled with cronuts, now meet the cruffin.

The cruffin borrows its shape from a muffin and its style from a croissant creating a hybrid that is quite delectable. It was first trademarked in 1993 in the United States but came to attention at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne in 2013.

A wicked French invention, the croissant is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry named for its crescent shape made using layered, yeast-leavened dough. Baking a croissant in the muffin shape and filling it with cream, jam, curd or crème patissiere, turns it into a cruffin.

Did someone say iced vo vo?

At Sweet Crumbs, Wayne Lee has let his baking heart soar experimenting with crazy but tasty new trends and reinventing old faves such as ice vovos and soon a wagon wheel, ye ha!

Wayne said his double decker wagon wheel biscuit was a little on the deluxe side at the moment, more of a meal than a snack, so you may have to wait until he refines the recipe and technique.


Back to the cruffin

You won’t be disappointed by the ever changing existing line up which includes some light and butter croissants that don’t come across as oily.

Back to the cruffin. This pleased on many levels with light and crisp pastry and a warm, oozy custard filling with diced apple. Not so easy to eat but worth the messy effort.

Wayne also supplies other cafes from his kitchen and bakes everything on site. Baking is a pleasure for him.

Dog friendly

This is a very dog friendly café with plenty to interest your four-legged friends. Hard to resist jars of house-baked treats, dog toys and very stylish collars and leads are just some of the fun.

Apart from two bench seats inside the small café, eating is outside on the footpath.

Where is Sweet Crumbs?

Find Sweet Crumbs in Ashgrove West Shopping Centre, just around the corner from Ashgrove State School on Waterworks Road.

Disclaimer: EdbK paid for her cake and coffee.