Experience a Brisbane whale watching cruise in Moreton Bay and see some of the  33,000 humpback whales that cruise by every whale watching season.

Whale numbers have been steadily climbing in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay, and along with the grown-ups, there are plenty of babies making a splash with an expected 3,000 calves in southern waters during the season. A day cruise is such a fun and easy way to see these giants of the deep.

Heading out for a day of whale watching with Captain Kerry Lopez.
MV Eye-Spy, Brisbane Whale Watching.

Easy day out on a Brisbane whale watching day cruise

Captain Kerry Lopez of Brisbane Whale Watching takes her magnificent MV Eye-Spy out most days (weather permitting) during the whale watching season in Moreton Bay from June to October for an encounter with the whales.

There’s no chance of missing a whale on Eye Spy with six viewing decks over three levels.  It is a very comfortable boat, and the first boat I have been on that has a real coffee machine and a barista trained to use it!

During the day Kerry provides an expert commentary full of information about the whales, but nothing prepares you for the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures just a few metres from away on this whale watching boat.

First wildlife spotted.

Living the high life on the whale watching boat

You can spoil yourself with a VIP experience which will see you seated in Eye Spy’s spacious VIP Captain’s Lounge. This lounge is situated on the mid-deck directly behind the Captains wheelhouse, and you may even be able to chat to Kerry as she navigates through the waters of Moreton Bay.

Lunch is the same for all, but you do get the first pick of the luscious local prawns and salads from the buffet.

Best of all, there’s a hostess on hand to answer all your questions and keep the supply of drinks coming.

Lunch on Eye Spy

About Eye Spy

Kerry is believed to be the only female Captain owning and skippering a whale watching boat in the South Pacific Rim. She started out as a deckhand onboard a spectator craft for the 1987 Americas Cup, before enrolling in the Fremantle Maritime College as the only woman in a class of 30.

MV Eye Spy is a high-speed passenger boat with the latest whale-friendly low noise propellers and diesel engines which reduce underwater noise and vibration.

There's an onboard coffee machine!

10 fun facts

  1. Whales have little or no sense of smell or taste, but they do have a belly button.
  2. It looks tough, but their skin is easily sunburned
  3. Their eyes are about the size of a grapefruit.
  4. Whales can hear over many kilometres.
  5. Their calls or songs travel hundreds of kilometres.
  6. Whale pectoral fins are ten times longer than a human arm.
  7. Their average weight is 45 tonnes which is about the weight of 1000 children altogether.
  8. It takes 10 adults lying head to foot to reach the average length of 15 to 17 metres whale.
  9. Whale milk has the consistency of condensed cream and calves drink over 400 litres a day.
  10. A whale blow can have a speed of between 300 – 500 kilometres per hour.
First of many whales spotted.
Turtle sighting just of Moreton Island.

Getting there

Brisbane Whale Watching’s Eye Spy leaves from the end of the Redcliffe Jetty on Redcliffe Parade. It takes around 35 to 45 minutes to reach Redcliffe from Brisbane’s CBD. Boarding for the cruise starts at 9 am for a 10 am departure and returns at 2.30 pm.

While you are in Redcliffe, don’t miss a walk through The Bee Gees Way which is a tribute to the band who spent their childhood in Redcliffe.

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Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Brisbane Whale Watching.

Redcliffe Jetty