Just when I’ve got my head around vegan, there’s the pegan diet. A different diet trend, peganism has another set of rules.

In a world where nothing seems strange anymore, you can now combine the principles of the paleo diet with vegan principles and choose a pegan diet.  Yes, you get to cherry-pick your diet to suit your own needs, but hasn’t it always been like that.

What can you eat?

Well, a paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, allows you to only eat the same things as our Paleolithic ancestors would hunt or gather. All things locally sourced and seasonal, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Combine that with the vegan diet, which doesn’t allow any consumption of animal products.

These animal-loving cavepeople (let’s be very politically correct here) have a diet that meets halfway to form a hybrid that allows you to consume the best of both worlds – low starch, low sugar, lots of plant foods and sustainable meat products.

I have a strong food conscience when it comes to eating animals.  I think it is important to consider the animal’s welfare right to the last moment, so they have a good and happy life until they don’t. However, I don’t think I could ever give up proper cheese.  You know, the runny French sort that smells a little bad.

If you want to explore this eating style, read on for some restaurants that will welcome you.


How does pegan work?

  • What is in a pegan diet meal plan?
  • What a pegan can’t eat
  • Where can you dine out?
Pegan meal at Yellow, Sydney.

What is in a pegan diet meal plan?

Plant foods should make up about 75 per cent of your diet. Keep it fresh or minimally processed and art with your non-starchy vegetable, then fill the gaps with starchy ones and fruit.

When it comes to animal-based proteins, that’s code for meat, choose grass-fed, sustainably raised poultry, eggs, meat and fish.

What a pegan can’t eat

The banned list still includes all milk products and gluten with limited beans and gluten-free grains.

How to dine ethically

If your interest in a pegan diet stems from a desire to dine more ethically there are additional things you can do. Along with the growing numbers of chefs and restaurateurs who have taken the lead to offer ethical dining, there’s an increasing band of diners who want to enjoy great food and wine and not leave their ethics at the door.  Try this list of restaurants and cafes where you can dine with your ethical conscience intact.

Here are the top 10 Australian food trends.

Don Tapa's pegan dish.

Where can you dine out on pegan food?

If this is your thing and you want to dine out, some restaurants and cafes will welcome you.

Malt Pier, Brisbane

Malt Pier is a contemporary cafe-bistro from the same team behind Malt Dining. It is situated on the waterfront, making it the perfect spot for soaking in stunning views while enjoying breakfast, lunch or afternoon drinks in the inner-city Newstead area. Malt Pier offers a wide-range of pegan friendly dishes, such as their gluten-free and organic, crispy calamari salad, with papaya, red onion and fresh mint!

Location: 1 Newstead Terrace, Newstead

Taboon, Gold Coast

Taboon in Robina, serves modern Middle Eastern cuisine in a relaxed and contemporary setting. There are a variety of pegan and vegetarian dishes, such as their falafel lunch bowl or their unmissable hummus and mushrooms with pita bread. These are perfect for sharing or to have all to yourself!

Location: 514 Christine Ave Robina

A pegan dish at Alibi Restaurant, Sydney.

Yellow, Sydney

Recognising a demand for vegetarian dining in Sydney, Yellow has created a 100 per cent vegetarian menu with a focus on heirloom vegetables grown by local suppliers. Whether you prefer to brunch or dine, they have a dish to fulfil every pegan’s wish, with five and seven-course vegan tasting menus.

Location: 57-59 Macleay St Potts Point

Alibi Restaurant, Sydney

Chef Matthew Kennedy believes in the future of plant-based diets and has created a colourful and tasty menu with that in mind. Alibi now serves cuisine on five continents, including Australia. Their signature Zucchini Lasagna is both vegetarian and pegan friendly!

Location: 6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, 2011, Sydney

Euphoria Cafe and Wellness, Melbourne

Euphoria is a home away from home for pegans – a place that nurtures you with great food, full-bodied coffee, a delightful assortment of treats and warm, rustic atmosphere. Nourish your body with affordable gourmet treats, such as their famous cauliflower stack made from roasted cauliflower, sautéed seasonal mushrooms, spinach, feta, dukkah on a bed of creamy polenta.

Location: Melbourne, 734 Burke Road Camberwell

Don Tapa, Fremantle

Are you struggling to find a traditional taco Tuesday that meets your pegan needs? Spice things up at Don Tapa. A cultural melting pot of Peruvian wood-fired grill, South American flavours and amazing Western Australian produce plate up as a delicious surprise. Let your taste buds backpack through Peru, Argentina and Columbia! Their gluten-free and vegetarian, quinoa and black bean ensalada should not be missed.

Location: 1 James Street Fremantle

Do you know more pegan restaurants?  Please share your finds in the comments below so others can enjoy the experience.

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Disclaimer: Restaurants included in this story were supplied by OpenTable.