Global travel search engine Kayak has revealed the cheapest Brisbane flight routes and the most expensive flight destinations for money-conscious travellers, based on the cost per kilometre.

Drum roll …. Bali is the most cost-effective Brisbane flight route from (4.14¢ per kilometre), and Noumea is the least (16.41¢ per kilometre). That might make it easier to decide on your next tropical getaway!

Surprisingly, shorter flights aren’t necessarily the most cost-effective.  The top three least cost-effective per kilometre flight destinations are Noumea (16.41c per kilometre), Queenstown (15.72c per kilometre),   and Apia (Samoa) (10.49c per kilometre) with flight times ranging from two to four hours.

Equally surprising is how cheap it is to fly to Madrid (4.66c per kilometre), Frankfurt (4.73¢ per kilometre), and Delhi (4.92¢ per kilometre).

Bali tops for the cheapest Brisbane flight routes

It’s also cheaper per kilometre to fly to Bali than to fly to the most cost-effective domestic destination, Perth (5.07c per kilometre) and definitely cheaper than the least cost-effective destination, Rockhampton (25.74c per kilometre).

“We’ve crunched the numbers to find the most cost-effective flight routes for Brisbane travellers so you can spend your hard-earned money on fun and food!” says Robin Chiang, KAYAK Country Head of Australia and New Zealand.

“There have been some surprising results – who would have thought that Bali would be the best value destination to fly to from Brisbane, despite Sydney (11.02c per kilometre) being just one hour away?”


Only if the price is right

If you are one of the 56 per cent of Aussies who, according to, deem price as the most important factor when booking a flight, you might like to consider these value-for-money destinations.

It stuns me that KAYAK’s research also revealed that only one-third of Aussies deem a well-suited time and date departure as an essential factor.  Maybe they need to travel on a few more red eyes in economy class to get a better understanding of the benefits of arriving at your destination fresh enough to holiday.


The 10 most cost-effective flight routes from Brisbane

  1. Bali – average cost per KM 4.14
  2. Kuala Lumpur – average cost per 4.16
  3. Tokyo – average cost per 4.26
  4. London – average cost per 4.38
  5. Bangkok – average cost per    4.47
  6. Honolulu – average cost per 4.53
  7. Madrid    – average cost per 4.66
  8. Frankfurt– average cost per4.73
  9. Delhi – average cost per 4.92


The 10 least cost-effective international destinations from Brisbane

  1. Noumea– average cost per 16.41
  2. Queenstown – average cost per    15.72
  3. Apia (Samoa) – average cost per 10.49
  4. Seattle – average cost per 8.79
  5. Bogota    – average cost per 8.70
  6. San Francisco – average cost per 8.58
  7. Toronto – average cost per 7.61
  8. Ho Chi Minh City – average cost per 7.49
  9. New York – average cost per 7.47
  10. Nadi – average cost per 7.01


Snag yourself a flight deal

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Another great tool is KAYAK’s Price Alert, which notifies you as soon as the fare drops for your desired location.

Need an airport sleepover?

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