Whatever sort of journey you are on, travelling Eurostar London to Paris with Rail Europe will open your eyes to a more pleasant way to travel.

Why take a train when you can fly?  Well, convenience and comfort for a start.

Even when it’s not all about the time, many people only think of flying when it comes to getting around over longer distances but in Europe that may not be the best choice.

Taking the Eurostar London to Paris saves on transit time

Granted, the actual air journey may be quicker. It takes an hour in a plane and just over two hours on the train. However, add in the time travelling to and from the airport, and the extra time required to transit the terminal plus customs and baggage claim, and you’ll see a different picture.

Instead of travelling miles to the outskirts, the train leaves and departs from the heart of each city offering a memorable arrival into a bustling centre.

Take your Eurostar seat

In Standard Premier the seats are wide and comfortable and it’s easy to move around.  Aeroplane seat designers could learn a lot from the train headrests. They are eminently comfortable and great to rest your head against for a travel nap.

The afternoon snack included a cheese platter with quinoa salad and a dessert. I enjoyed the cheese but was not quite sure what to make of the rice pudding.

There’s a choice of drinks, including wine, available.

Booking your London to Paris with Rail Europe seat

Book your seat early, and you should be able to grab a handy table, but all the seats have comfortable pull out tables. An additional bonus is the traveller’s delight, a power socket, so make sure you have an adapter and charging cords handy.

Rail Europe offers discounted Eurostar e-tickets which can be booked up to 180 days ahead.  The ticket starting price is $90.

I did have to lift my bag into the train, but I know exactly where it is. It will get off with me reducing the potential for a lost suitcase. I like to keep my suitcase within view if possible.

Eurostar check-in tips

Check-in is quicker and less stressful than airport dramas and you only need to be there about 30 minutes before your train departs. If you opt for a Business Premier ticket you only need to be at the station 10 minutes before departure. However, especially if you are not familiar with the train and station, I would arrive earlier than that!

Always be security conscious at rail stations. They are a favourite haunt for pickpockets.

Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris may not save much time but it certainly saves on stress and gives a more pleasant journey. 

Things to do in France

Just a short journey from Paris, the beautiful garden created by French painter Claude Monet is well worth a visit.

When you are in France, do travel down to the glorious coastal city of Nice and explore the Flower Market.  My other favourite places in France are these caves and underground river and another fabulous country market in the Dordogne. 

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Disclaimer: E,d+bK travelled courtesy of Rail Europe