Bite Market at North Harbour held every Friday and Saturday night is a shipping container Brisbane night market with plenty of food options.

Bite Markets at North Harbour

There is a mouth-watering list of 40 Brisbane food stalls at this shipping container night market, from Japanese, Tibetan and Italian to brownies, doughnuts and churros, but it the taste of currywurst that will tempt me to this Brisbane food market.

Meet Mitte Berlin Street Food

A trip to Germany and a week of good, hearty Deutsch food had me piling my plate with spaetzle, white asparagus and currywurst but I have not been able to find anything equal since returning to Brisbane.

I’m looking forward to diving into some currywurst at Bite Markets flavour makers Suzanne and Brett Lang’s Mitte Berlin Street Food.

Husband-and-wife foodies Suzanne and Brett both grew up in the Moreton Bay region but after living and working in New York in 2010, first ventured into street food markets with Dutch pancakes at the Hester Street Markets and at the famous Fulton Street Markets.

Suzanne’s hunger for the traditional German/Dutch street food she remembered from visits to Europe and her mother’s kitchen was the inspiration for the new Bite Market Mitte Berlin Street Food

Her Dutch parents (Suzanne’s mum was born on the border with Germany) loved German flavours and dishes, and she often ate this style of food when growing up. With a mum with the surname ‘Gomersbach’… (try saying that three times after a German stein), Suzanne was always destined to celebrate her culinary heritage.

“The problem remained … where were my childhood favourite of crispy chips covered in mayonnaise served in a paper cone, freshly baked pretzels or currywurst which is smoked sausage served with fries and slathered in curry sauce, or home-made pickles and potato salad?”

“At Bite Markets, our worlds will collide with Mitte Berlin Street Food, featuring all the favourite foods of my childhood and we can’t wait to share them with everyone!”

“Mitte is a borough of Berlin – the heartbeat of street food in Berlin. We’ve been serving just a small slice of Berlin Street food for four years now, and it’s time to go all-in!”

Ice tea too!

Brett and Suzanne also decided to start a street food stall selling just two Iced Teas (raspberry and peach) when they were living in New York. Their five freshly brewed iced teas which are all-natural and brewed fresh and daily from loose leaf tea will be available at Bite Markets along with a new Watermelon and Lychee Ice Tea as well as the Hand Pressed Lemonade (using local lemons, of course) and Aqua Fresca (fresh fruit blends).

The Ice Teas and juices are served in refillable mason jars with both paper and steel straws as an option (there’s no plastic!).

Definitely a North Harbour food gem to search for!


What is on the Brisbane food market menu?

Think crispy chips covered in mayonnaise served in a paper cone, freshly baked pretzels, ‘currywurst’ (smoked sausage served with fries and slathered in curry sauce), home-made pickles, Oma’s famous potato salad, bratwurst, chilli knackwurst and cheese Kransky, home-made rolls, sensational sauerkraut and onions.

I’m predicting there will be crowds walking around this shipping container market eating their giant Berlin pretzels and chomping into Ingrid’s homemade pickle served on a stick.  The Amsterdam-style ‘Oorlog’ Fries (double fried fries, peanut sauce, chopped onion, mayonnaise, served in a paper cone) are another must-try.

You must finish with a dessert of their German apple strudel. Here’s an authentic apple strudel recipe if you want to make it at home.

I love all these German foods but Suzanne, where it is the spaetzle? If you haven’t had the delight of trying spaetzle, it is a type of pasta made with eggs that make your stomach very happy.

About Bite Markets

Mitte Berlin Street Food will be one of 40 flavour makers, bars and artisans offering exciting food from customised shipping containers at the 5,000sqm Bite Markets.

This is a fully landscaped and fenced Brisbane food market dining precinct which includes parking for more than 600 cars. Find it located at exit 150 off the Bruce Highway on Nolan Drive in Morayfield. This is just 12 minutes from North Lakes and 25 minutes from Brisbane.

Bite founder, the renowned caterer and food creator Tom Burke, said he was thrilled with the calibre of these flavour-makers and producers who had leapt at the opportunity to be part of the Brisbane food market.

This North Harbour food market opens every Friday and Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm. Adult entry cost $3, children 12 years and under are free of charge.  No single item at Bite Markets will sell for more than $15.

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