New Brisbane Gin puts the flavours of the city in a bottle using Queensland botanicals to create a London Dry style spirit with hints of finger lime, kaffir lime and ginger.

It took more than 40 recipes for Australian Distilling Co’s Michael Hickinbotham (pictured above) and Master Distiller Dr Graham Jones to come up with the right mix for Brisbane Gin.

Brisbane Gin ticks every box!

Michael Hickinbotham says his latest city gin had to tick every box.

“The botanicals we used had to have a local selection, complement the juniper and capture the essence of the city.

“I have a philosophy of seeking out, and working with, the very best people, and in the world of spirits, Graham is it. Our Master Distiller, Dr Graham Jones, has been distilling spirits for over 30 years and holds extensive experience in the liquor and wine industries. Graham is one of the few people in Australia who truly understands the nuances and intricacies of the art, science and craft of distillation,” he says.

“My family has a long history with the Australian wine and fortified spirits industry.

“My father loved of single malt whisky. As a young boy, I would serve him one when he’d come home from work, so I became aware of spirits from an early age.

“I also love the energy and feel of our beautiful Australian cities, all of which I have visited often, or worked or lived in. I came up with this (some would say crazy) idea that I would join two of my loves, by bottling the spirit of our major cities.”

It’s dry, with a taste of Queensland

Brisbane Gin is a true London dry gin, delivering dry juniper characteristics overlayed with the citrus notes of kaffir lime and finger lime and a hint of ginger spice that lingers on the palette.

It is artisan small-batch distilled in a Holstein Stillat Flinders Peak Winery, just outside Toowoomba.

Do you remember your first gin?

“I was in London for my sister’s wedding when I was in my late teens,” says Michael, “and I remember going to this quaint old pub in the middle of winter.

“There was snow outside and a lovely warm fire crackling inside. Everyone was happy because it was Christmas and we were with our family and friends. Someone bought me a gin and tonic, and I was instantly smitten. I just loved it!

Australian Distilling Co’s Michael Hickinbotham and Master Distiller Dr Graham Jones

Mixing up your Brisbane Gin

I have to admit I often drink my gin just with a few cubes of ice and a slice of lime or lemon and that’s my preferred way to drink this new flavour of my favourite city.

Michael Hickinbotham says he likes Brisbane Gin with a light tonic, cranberry juice, soda water or even ginger beer.

“Try it with a Fever Tree tonic and dash of fresh lime juice,” says Michael, “it’s incredibly refreshing.”

Brisbane Gin Brand Ambassador Lee Braham also enjoys his gin straight but also in cocktails and with mixers. He suggests letting the gin speak for itself by serving it neat, on ice, and often.

“Those who prefer to mix their gin should serve it with something that compliments the lime notes, such as a light tonic with an orange wheel or pair it with cranberry for a colourful creation,” he said.


Where can you taste Brisbane Gin?

Brisbane Gin is available in more than 20 iconic bars, bottle shops and hotels around Brisbane including Dutch Courage, The Gresham, Covent Garden, Hellenika at the Calile, Proud Henry’s, Blackbird Bar and Grill, Boom Boom Room, Malt Traders, Sense of Taste and more.

It is also available online at Brisbane Gin. .A 700ml bottle of Brisbane Gin costs $75.


Fancy craft spirits?

You might to like to try Noosa Heads Distillery or Larrikin GinSwill is another Brisbane Gin bar to check out.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was gifted a bottle of Brisbane Gin.