I’ve found the best online fruit and veg delivery in Brisbane with high-quality produce and an extensive range of additional items.  Harris Farm Markets has everything from seafood and beef to deli items plus garden compost made from recycled Harris Farm waste.  My plants are loving that!

Brisbane home delivery heritage tomatoes

Full-flavoured heritage tomatoes in-store at Harris Farm Markets. Photo: Kerry Heaney

Why use fruit and veg delivery in Brisbane?

Are you tired of buying fruit and vegetables in a store only to find they don’t last when you get them home?

I’ve had a run of bad luck lately with supermarket purchases that look fine in the shop but suddenly at home have soft brown marks, slimy green leaves, or are dry and flavourless.

When I can’t pick my own lettuce from the garden (damn those hungry possums), the next best is what I receive in a Harris Farm Market order.  The parsley, coriander and dill also are superb. I’ve sampled the ravioli, tasted the muesli and delighted in the smoked salmon. My fridge is packed with goodness.

I’m using their online fruit and veg delivery in Brisbane because it makes sense for me. I’m far enough from their Clayfield store to find it’s not on my regular circuit. Also, I have grown used to the convenience of online shopping using the Scenic Rim Farm box. I like the farm boxes full of fresh produce that is so local, but the range at Harris Farm is much more extensive.

If you are hooked by the convenience or prefer ordering online due to COVID concerns, this is the answer.

beetroots on display

There’s an excellent range of produce available for Brisbane online orders. Photo: Kerry Heaney

How you can save $$$ on premium fruit and vegetable delivery!

I’ve partnered with Harris Farm Markets to highlight their premium fruit and veg, plus their strong eco cred, and save you money! (We all love that!)

For four weeks from February 22 to March 22, Eat drink and be Kerry readers can use a code that will save you $20 on three online orders.

When you use the code, there’s also a chance to win one of four $200 Harris Farm online gift cards.

All the details and conditions are here – WIN 1 OF 5 $200 HARRIS FARM MARKETS ONLINE VOUCHERS

unusual fruit Harris Farm Markets

You’ll find plenty of unusual fruits and veg at Harris Farm Markets. Photo: Kerry Heaney

What I like about Harris Farm Markets

Here are five things I like about buying from Harris Farm Markets

1. In-season produce and organic fruit

Dave’s Market Picks (David Harris is the founder of Harris Farm Markets) in ready-made value boxes are included in his seasonal picks for the week.  You can also select from in-season produce online or select organic fruit and veg for Brisbane delivery.

imperfect picks

Help reduce landfill by selecting imperfect picks. Photo: Kerry Heaney

2. Imperfect picks

Pudgy Imperfect Pears, Lumpy Pink Lady Apples, Warped Eggplant, Twisted Sweet Potatoes, Unruly Imperfect Zucchini and Scruffy Mangoes. They may be a little lumpy or bumpy but are as perfect and full of flavour as ever on the inside. The Imperfect Picks program helps reduce the astonishing Horticulture Australia statistic. Did you know that 25 per cent of Australian crops currently never leave the farm gate because they are a bit, well, unattractive? They just do not meet the visual specifications of some supermarkets and consumers.

You can also buy curious cuts, which are uncommon meat cuts that encourage better consumption of the whole animal, so there is less waste.


They try to always have ripe avocados on the shelves. Photo: Kerry Heaney

3. Regenerative farming

Harris Farm Markets is the first Australian grocery retailer to take a firm stance on regenerative farming. They have shone a spotlight on the importance of regenerative farming practices and its impact on soil, carbon emissions and the final food product.  Harris Farm urges all consumers to dig deep and really question where their food is coming from and its impact on our future. If you are concerned about climate change, the simplest way to do your part is to shop for regeneratively farmed products. The Regen products have their own tab on the online ordering page.

I’m very taken with the Harris Farm Soilbiotic, and so is my veggie garden. It’s made from nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable waste. The compost improves water retention. It boosts fertiliser uptake to enhance mineral fertilisers’ solubilisation and buffers pH to reduce the need for a pH perfection of 6.4.  Can you hear my plants cheering?

Maleny milk on tap

Fill glass bottles with Maleny Milk on tap at the Clayfield store.

4. Maleny Milk on tap

Milk from Queensland’s multi-award-winning Maleny Dairies on the Sunshine Coast hinterland is available on tap at Harris Farm Markets Clayfield store. (only available in-store)

Harris Farm Markets Clayfield


Harris Farm Markets Clayfield store

5. Family-owned

There are no multi-national corporations here. In December, Harris Farm Markets opened their Clayfield store with the flagship store open in West Village at West End later this year. The two Brisbane stores plus the online offering will feature produce from more than 300 Queensland growers, creators, and producers. Combined, they will employ over 200 staff.

Harris Farm used to own the Clayfield site 30 years ago before selling it to Carlo and Susan Lorenti who ran Clayfield Markets for 25 years. They are now managers at Clayfield.

Don’t miss your chance to win fruit and veg delivery in Brisbane!

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