Granddad Jack’s Brisbane craft distillery and microbrewery in Albion turned a converted warehouse into a must-do destination. ​It is another drawcard for Albion which is rapidly becoming a food and coffee central with Fonzie Abbott around the corner, Craft’d Grounds, a micro precinct with a brewery and much more set to open soon and let’s not forget Jocelyns Provisions.

Granddad Jack’s Brisbane craft distillery and microbrewery at Albion

Family-owned Granddad Jack’s Brisbane is a sister venue for the Gold Coast’s first craft distillery which opened at Miami in 2018. The opening coincides with the launch of a new spirit to the Granddad Jack’s range, Albion Gin, which is exclusive to the Albion Tasting Room. This signature gin will be accompanied by a range of limited-edition new releases launched monthly, two new beers on tap each week, and their six award-winning core spirits.

An inviting yet refined drinking venue steeped with a rich family history, Granddad Jack’s on the Gold Coasthas quickly became a must-visit destination boasting a hoard of national and international awards.


Brisbane craft distillery and microbrewery
Granddad Jack's owner

David Ridden, Granddad Jack’s co-owner, with son Luke Ridden

Who is Grandad Jack?

If you were to ask David Ridden, Granddad Jack’s co-owner, along with son Luke Ridden, the nation’s youngest head distiller, he would say it was the spirit of the distillery’s namesake that led the father and son duo to the location of their next distillery location at Albion.

“Granddad Jack’s was created to honour my late grandfather, David Stewart Goulding – aka Granddad Jack,” said David. “Legend has it that Granddad Jack spent a good amount of his youth at racetracks like Albion Park, Queensland’s premier harness racing venue, which is just down the road from our new venue.

“As a lad, Granddad Jack was known to buy big pencils, cut them in half and sell them at the races for a penny each, doubling his money. Granddad Jack also obtained his trotting license during World War Two. However, his horse “Sack Cloth” never did much good. He did have more success years later, though, as his barbershop sponsored a race, and he even built a TAB next to his barbershop.”

Granddad Jack’s ties to the locality are just the beginning of the Brisbane venue’s tribute to the local legend. Here, every blend, every cocktail creation, and even the detail of the decor is a tribute to the man himself, Granddad Jack and his love of fine spirits.

Brisbane craft distillery Granddad Jack's
Granddad Jack's Albion


This Albion distillery has a greenhouse

David said the Albion distillery’s greenhouse brings to life one of Granddad Jack’s most loveable stories but grows the different botanicals used to create spirit blends and even garnishes such as edible flowers, strawberries, cucumbers and mint.

“The addition of a greenhouse at our Albion edition is very sentimental as Granddad Jack himself loved spending time in his garden and his greenhouse,” said David. “It was a special place that anyone in the neighbourhood could visit in the afternoon to join Granddad Jack as he walked among the fruits of his labour, telling stories, sharing advice, gifting vegetables and of course, enjoying a small glass of his favourite spirit. Granddad Jack’s affiliation with his greenhouse saw us name our signature Greenhouse Gin in his honour, and we are very excited to share our very own greenhouse creation, which we hope will one day be full of fruit, herbs and veggies just like our Granddad Jack did.”

Production of the brand’s signature craft blends is on full show to the public at the Albion distillery, with a 300-litre still and brewhouse included within the venue. The barrel room houses the Brisbane whiskey alongside barrel-aged gin and cocktails.

Granddad Jack's Albion

Where is Granddad Jack’s Brisbane Craft Distillery?

Granddad Jack’s Albion is open to the public Thursday to Sunday, serving gin, whiskey, vodka, coffee liqueur, specialty spirits, and beer on tap. The Brisbane craft distillery encourages BYO food and is surrounded by some iconic eateries making ordering in easy. Granddad Jack’s is family-friendly and welcomes children and dogs.

Find it at 26 Collingwood Street, Albion, open Thursday and Sunday 12 pm to 6:30 pm, Friday and Saturday 12 pm to 9:30 pm. The sessions  Bookings for the two-hour sessions are advisable. Book at

Take a look at Granddad Jack’s at Miami on the Gold Coast.

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