Goodwill Brew Cafe is located almost in the middle of the Goodwill Bridge, a walking bridge spanning the Brisbane River in the CBD. It was formerly Brendan’s Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge, a Brisbane favourite for nine years.  From February 2022 the lease was awarded to Help Enterprises, a Queensland charity providing employment for people with disabilities.

Goodwill Brew Cafe

Totally exposed to the elements and isolated from easy access, the bridge is not the easiest location for a coffee cart, but it does have an amazing view.  Goodwill Brew Cafe has a location that perfectly showcases Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle with exceptional river views. This social enterprise cafe is on a mission to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone, one coffee at a time.

Strawberry roulade

Plenty of Goodwill

You might stop for a coffee and cakes here, but your eyes will be drawn to the view.  Suspended high over the river with the occasional shiver when a big group goes past, this is an excellent way to appreciate the majestic Brisbane River.  Make sure you check out Brisbane’s ever-changing skyline from here too, and count the cranes.  It’s a view you could enjoy for hours, so time your visit for a cooler day as there’s only limited shade available.

Goodwill Brew Cafe

Goodwill Bridge is a vantage point for visitors

The Goodwill Bridge joins South Bank Parklands and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and is a great way to show off the city to visitors.  While the bridge is wide, it is a popular thoroughfare for runners and bicycle riders, so be prepared to share the path. I like to continue the walk along under the Kangaroo Point Cliffs all the way to the Story Bridge.  If you are feeling very energetic, there are stairs to the top of the cliffs.  There’s also the chance to learn rock climbing and abseiling.

These are all great reasons to stop and refresh with a coffee at Goodwill Brew Cafe, formerly Brendan’s Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge.

Exploring Brisbane?  

Brisbane is an easy city to explore if you know where to go.  I’ve always lived in Brisbane and just love the friendly people and great climate.  These are some of my favourite ways to explore the city.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK paid for her coffee.

walking on goodwill bridge