Little Italy at Red Hill Community Sports Club was a much loved, dog friendly cafe positioned on a creekside walking path. Sadly, this cafe closed on April 29.  There has been no response from the Red Hill Community Sports Club to my request for a comment on the future of a cafe on this site and I have been blocked from asking more questions.  Once again the site is vacant, a huge blow to the local community. Last time it remained that way for months.  


Little Italy at Red Hill Community Sports Club

Little Italy is a wonderful community cafe at Red Hill Community Sports Club where you can stop on your morning walk or meet up with family and friends. It is operated by the very friendly Dan and Alli with occasional visits from their friendly pooch Vincent.

Dog and child-friendly, this popular spot has earned a strong place in the hearts of locals thanks to Dan and Alli, who serve up delicious Italian-themed food and coffee.

Avo smash at Little Italy Red Hill Community Sports Club

Dog-friendly cafe at Red Hill.

It doesn’t get much more dog friendly than the offering at Little Italy.  This cafe is doggie heaven, located close to a walking path and an off-leash park.  Dan and Alli often have treats for the puppers, and my dog Bella gets a very sad face if we ever have to pass without entering.  I’ve seen dogs sit on the footpath and refuse to move unless their owners plan to stop for coffee. The café’s extensive open grounds are particularly suitable for dogs, and they provide plenty of water bowls for thirsty pups.

Coffee art Little Italy Red Hill
Entrance to Little Italy
Menu Little Italy Red Hill Community Sports Club

Weekend specials

They really get excited about the weekend at Little Italy with a great range of breakfast specials.  My favourite is the Italian Breakfast Pizza ($18).  Who hasn’t had leftover pizza for breakfast? And how good is that?  Imagine eating a freshly made pizza and the world opens right up!  They also amp up their smashed avocado with sides of bacon, sausage, mushrooms and an egg ($19) so you won’t go hungry.

Little Italy at Red Hill Community Club breakfast
Breakfast bowl Little Italy Red Hill

Italian food

The menu is Italian-influenced with mozzarella, paninis, Italian ham and salami popping up frequently on the menu.  It’s delicious stuff.

My breakfast favourite is the acai breakfast bowl that comes loaded with fresh fruit and, on request, adorned with a big blob of peanut butter.  Don’t blanch at the butter before you try it.  It’s totally delicious and very filling.

Child-friendly cafe

There’s so much room to move at this cafe, it makes a perfect spot for children too.  You can fit your stroller right beside the table and older children can run around safely. 

Where is Little Italy?

Find Little Italy at the Red Hill Community Sports Club on Fulcher Road, Red Hill, just near the Broncos Club House and playing fields. There is heaps of off-street parking here if you want to slip in for a cheeky coffee on the way to your destination. The café is open every morning from 6 am.

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