Explore beyond the beach into the galleries at Stradbroke Island to discover the creativity of Minjerribah artists and Quandamooka art. You will be surprised by what you will discover on a Stradbroke Island art trail.

Minjerribah Artists

The beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Minjerribah/Stradbroke Island have fostered a deep well of artistic creatives.  There are artists, weavers, jewellery, print markets, photographers, sculptors and painters who live all over the island.  They draw from the island’s strong community to find inspiration for their work which can be discovered by creating your own Stradbroke Island art trail.

Visitors to the island can visit galleries, artist’s shops and studios and sometimes meet the makers.  You’ll find places where you will want to linger, from Dunwich (Gumpi) and Amity Point (Pulan) to Point Lookout (Mulumba).  It’s exciting walking into the shops and studios to browse and almost impossible to walk out without a precious purchase. Start with a screen-printed tea towel or t-shirt and move on to earrings or head scarfs. Choose your wall art according to your budget with both prints and original paintings available, or just bring home a postcard memory.

Each artist has their own take on the island’s landscape, but there is a strong connection to the water, the creatures that live in it, and the place’s natural beauty, which is all revealed in the island’s art.

Photo above: Delvene Cockatoo-Collins 

Delvene Cockatoo Collins shop, Gumpi (Dunwich)

Delvene’s Gumpi shop is filled with treasures to take home. Photo: Kerry Heaney

Delvene Cockatoo Collins shop, Gumpi (Dunwich)

Quandamooka artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins creates her art from the heart drawing on her experiences growing up on the island with her mother and family. Delvene’s work is immediately relatable, intrinsically beautiful, and highly practical.  Her story draws from the natural island world, from wearable art to striking cushion covers.  When I visited her shop we chatted about her joy of witnessing a mother whale and her calf frolicking around the ferry terminal. With plans to expand her shop and studio with perhaps workshops in the future, Delvene’s place is a must stop. You’ll also see Delvene’s art at Point Lookout, where her work Eugarie symbolises people coming together.  You will instantly recognise the triangular shape of the pippies, as I know them from my childhood memories.

Eugarie, Point Lookout.

Eugarie, Point Lookout.


Salt Water Murris Quandamooka Art Gallery, Gumpi (Dunwich)

Salt Water Murris Quandamooka Art Gallery is an Aboriginal-owned gallery and is a not-for-profit showcase of arts and crafts managed by the direct descendants of the original Nunukal, Ngugi and the Gorenpul clans of the region. The artists range from community Elders to the younger generation.

Island Arts Gallery Minjerribah Arts Trail

Mirriginpah, Pulan (Amity Point)

Quandamooka artist Belinda Close has created an engaging work at Amity Point near the jetty.  Reflecting the sea creatures of the region, a steel mirriginpah (sea eagle) flies high above a pod of circling dolphins. Belinda grew up at One Mile and has a strong ancestral connection to place.

Mirriginpah, Pulan (Amity Point)

Mirriginpah, Pulan (Amity Point)
Starfish Studio, Mulumba (Point Lookout)


Starfish Studio, Mulumba (Point Lookout)

An artist and textile designer, Jess Scott designs and produces textile products, including tea towels, table linen and t-shirts.  I was taken by her lampshades which perfectly showcase her vibrant designs. Jess has gathered an interesting collection of complimentary art products for sale in her Point Lookout studio.  Based on her designs, you could easily redecorate your house with a fresh beach look. I also saw Eat, Drink and be Straddie, a cookbook full of island-inspired recipes written and illustrated by island photographers Angie Simms and Stuart Quinn. Although this is a great stop on a Stradbroke Island art trail, Starfish Studio designs also are available online.

Artist and textile designer, Jess Scott
Minjerribah Arts Trail Starfish Studio, Mulumba (Point Lookout)


Woven Arts Studio, Mulumba (Point Lookout)

Anaheke Metua is a contemporary weaver.  She turns dried palm fronts into dramatic sculptural pieces and also has a hard to resist range of earrings that you can see in her online gallery Woven Arts.

Anaheke Metua,Woven Arts Studio, Photo: Kerry Heaney


Minjerribah Arts Trail Anaheke Metua,Woven Arts Studio,

Penny Gillespie Jewellery, Mulumba (Point Lookout)

The vivid blue exterior of Penny Gillespie’s studio is a stark contrast to the moody décor inside where spotlights highlight her contemporary jewellery.  Penny works with silver, enamel and found materials.  Penny shares her display space with Bernadette Mollison’s watercolour and acrylic paintings of Quandamooka country.

Penny Gillespie in her studio. Photo: Kerry Heaney

Penny Gillespie

Experience the Minjerribah Artists Trail

Although a weekend on Straddie is one of my favourite ways to relax, you might want to think about viewing Minjerribah art on Friday or Monday when the island is less busy.  If you don’t want to put your car on the 40 to 50 minute Stradbroke Ferries car ferry, try the 25 minute Stradbroke Passenger Ferry (water taxi) and travel around the island on the very efficient local bus service.

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