From street art to the food, it’s all hyper-local at Mews Howard Smith Wharves on the ground floor of Crystalbrook Vincent right under Brisbane’s Story Bridge. Mews adds an exciting new dimension to Brisbane’s restaurant scene and a playful culinary experience to Howard Smith Wharves. It’s like walking into a street art gallery created by some of Brisbane’s creatives combined with a sustainable produce, laneway-inspired menu. 


Who are the artists at Mews?

The Crystalbrook Vincent team engaged local street legends, including Mr.Sor2, JORDACHE, James Ellis, Ash Taylor and MCRT, to fit-out the space with custom pieces. Their larger-than-life works cover the walls with colour and energy. A little more challenging to find is the work by Blu Art Xinja, so I challenge you to seek that out and look for his other covert works around Brisbane’s city streets.

Mews wall street art
Street art walls at Mews Crystalbrook Vincent
Blue Art Xinja Mews wall

Street art inspired walls at Mews Howard Smith Wharves

The Mews menu

It’s a distinctly Brisbanesque cuisine with a focus on communal dining using local artisans, farmers and fishers to secure the finest quality produce, with 80 per cent of produce sourced within three hours of the venue. Aligning with other Crystalbrook Collection restaurants, Mews also features ‘Climate Calories,’ whereby diners can see the environmental impact of their dish through a creative labelling system.

Each dish speaks of the farmer’s care and the chef’s love of fine produce with flavours that are intensely real. The menu is not divided into entrees or mains, just from top to bottom, gradually working into larger dishes. We started right at the top with the Flower Garden, which was pretty as a picture with fresh Sunshine Coast zucchini flowers, figs and goats curd from Gatton with baked marigold all sitting on crumbly olive soil.

Next, we dabbled in a little seafood with a Brisbane fried bug dish that puts Moreton Bay Bugs in a deep brown cornbread and myrtle coating with a jus made from honey sourced at Everton Park. How good are the large plump Abrolhos Island scallops with fall-apart tender chunks of pressed Gooniyandi pig cheek with the light mint flavour of native mint? The scallops are from one of Australia’s top scallop fisheries located in Western Australia.

My favourite dish of the night is the roasted Karbullah lamb from Vicki and Mark in Goondiwindi, surrounded by a field of seasonal vegetables from Mapleton Farm.

Dessert is a double showstopper. The Jackson Pollock gains its name from its confetti-coloured spots. It is a combination of passion fruit curd, fizzy maple honeycomb, and white chocolate roast with lemonade fruit coconut ice. Try it now so you can come back and try the next version of this ever-changing dessert. I think it is my favourite. Then I try the Rainforest Floor with a frozen chocolate mousse, tangelo curd, sandpaper fig and macadamia fudge, sweet marigold dew, and chocolate popping compost, and lime glass. Something about it just grabs my taste buds in a happy dance, and I’m in love with this dessert.

What’s on the menu at Mews Crystalbrook Vincent.

Roasted Karbullah lamb Mews Crystalbrook Vincent.
Flower Garden Mews
The Jackson Pollock dessert at Mews

Mews Wine list

There’s an extensive wine list showcasing the breadth of Australia’s varietals, from up-and-coming producers and some of the country’s most iconic drops. Local producers include as Witches Falls and De Beaurepaire Wines. There’s a small but mighty list of cocktails with the classics and signature precinct-inspired sips.

Dining at Mews Crystalbrook Vincent

Dining at Mews Howard Smith Wharves

About Crystalbrook Vincent

The design and concept of Mews offer a seamless addition to the Crystalbrook Vincent experience. Brave, bold and bursting with energy, Crystalbrook Vincent is locally integrated with an environmentally conscious #ResponsibleLuxury philosophy. The five-star hotel embraces a lively extravaganza of dynamic designs and sustainable amenities, luxury accommodation, over 500 prints by acclaimed Australian artist Vincent Fantauzzo, radical entertainment, events and dining experiences – all with a modern sophistication about it, in the vibrant Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane’s city centre.

“It’s a bold new chapter for Crystalbrook Vincent. We are really aiming to push the boundaries of a traditional hotel restaurant, offering an incredible laneway style dining menu which showcases the best of southeast Queensland, while transporting guests to a vibrant hub of art and culture,” says Jeremy Nordkamp, General Manager of Crystalbrook Vincent.

See the full Mews menu here.

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Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Crystalbrook Vincent.