Drivers looking for a giggle can now take Australia’s rudest road trip. However, you’ll need to travel around 13,000 km to tick every box. From Hopping Dicks Creek to Funny Knob Creek, this is a list of Australia’s most out-there place names, which makes the ultimate road trip route for those with a naughty sense of humour. Do all or part of this route as a fun way to tour Australia.

How to take Australia’s Rudest Road Trip

Some of the most outrageous place names on this rudest road trip ever include Minge Way in South Australia and Lake Fanny and Pisspot Creek in Tasmania. The list compiled by holiday car rental provider,, shows you where you will find the most memorable signs for a selfie if you dare, with locations in Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

“Those looking for the weirdest road trip should look no further,” said a spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental. “We have created the rudest road trip in Australia, which is bound to be the wackiest drive you’ll ever take, spanning over 13,000 KM.

“From Minge Way in the South to Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge in Victoria, Australia delivers on providing outrageous locations to give the traditional road trip an edge. Australia is home to some of the rudest place names in the world, and since Aussies are known for their quick and playful humour, this trip is world-class. Stick on your cheesy playlist and visit these spots and snap some selfies by the rude signposts for the ultimate social media post.”

At a minimum, this route will take 159 hours or six and a half non-sleep days, calculated using the distance to each location if driving non-stop which isn’t possible because there’s water in the way! With cheeky places dotted all over Australia, the rude road trip takes drivers across beautiful coastlines, through the outback and into cities to catch a glimpse of Australia’s most strangely named spots. So don’t rush! Do it slowly and stop at plenty of places just because you can!

Here is the route!

Australia's Rudest Road Trip

​Start in Tasmania

You can fly in and pick up a hire car in Hobart and Launceston. This route starts at Tinkle Creek, Tasmania, which is on the far north coastline and travels around the island, touching on so many of the wonderous sights it offers.  Be prepared to go off the route to find fabulous views and curious towns. Tasmania has more than a few outrageous names, with Tinkle Creek, Lake Fanny and Bust Me Gall Creek causing many a raised eyebrow as road trippers travel around.

Tasmania is known for its fabulous seafood, particularly crayfish, and here are some top spots to stop and enjoy this delicacy.  Where will you sleep?  I’ve got a list of unique new places to stay in Tasmania that you can check out.  When you are in Hobart, don’t miss MONA and the view from Mount Wellington.

Fun fact – Tasmania has the most rude names on the route, with six top spots!

Australia's Rudest Road Trip route in Tasmania

Next stop Victoria and New South Wales

Pick up your hire car in Melbourne and start a drive around Australia.  Start by travelling across Victoria into New South Wales as you tick off these wacky locations. The route will take you through the Victorian highlands, past Canberra and then right up the picturesque coastline of New South Wales.  There are so many places you’ll want to stop and explore, so just do it!

Northern New South Wales is one of my favourite spots to explore.  You’ll get plenty of ideas from this road trip around the region.

Australia's Rudest Road Trip route in VIC and NSW

Keep going to the Sunshine State – Queensland!

Just a hop over the border, and you are in Queensland!  From here, it gets warmer, particularly as you head outback. Residents in Queensland have become familiar with tourists jumping at the opportunity to get a photo with the rude road signs dotted all over the state, including Muff Creek, Bald Knob and Punch Knob.  Make sure you stop at some of the interesting places along the way.

If you’d like an alternative route, try this Brisbane to Winton Road trip.

Australia's Rudest Road Trip route in Qld

Travel the Top End to Western Australia

You’ll need to be well-equipped and adventurous to travel through the top end of the Northern Territory to reach the next destination on the far side of the continent.  It’s a big journey and not for the faint-hearted.  Western Australia’s coastline will beg you to stop and relax for a while before taking the next step of crossing the Nullabor Plain to South Australia.

Finish in South Australia

By the time you get to the end of this mammoth journey in Adelaide, you’ll have earned a rest. Australia might be one of the best places in the world for a rude road trip, but it’s also a fabulous place to road trip on many routes.  All you need is a map, a car and a sense of adventure.  Just do it!

FUN FACT: According to a survey with dubious origins quoted by Stress Free Car Rental, the average Australian drops an expletive around seven times per day, and 29 per cent of South Australians swear more than 16 times daily. This may or may not be true!

Australia's Rudest Road Trip route in WA and SA

The information for this table has been supplied by Stress Free Car Rental. If you need to hire a car to complete the journey, you can see what’s available at Stress Free Car Rental.

Destination Route

Distance between (km) Time between (hours)
Tinkle Creek, Goulds Country, Tasmania to Funny Knob Creek, Tasmania 7215 69.1 km 1 hour 9 mins
Funny Knob Creek, Tasmania 7215 to Pisspot Creek, Ross Tasmania 7209  117 km 1 hour 41 mins
Pisspot Creek, Ross Tasmania 7209 to Bust Me Gall Creek, Runnymede Tasmania 107 km 1 hour 36 mins
Bust Me Gall Creek, Runnymede Tasmania to Lake Fanny Track, Central Plateau, Tasmania 186 km 2 hour 35 mins
Lake Fanny Track, Central Plateau, Tasmania to Bottom Rd Paradise, 7306, Tasmania 127 km 2 hour 10 mins
Bottom Rd Paradise, 7306, Tasmania to Tittie Gee Creek, 7321, Tasmania 92.6 km 1 hour 23 mins
Tittie Gee Creek, Tasmania 7321, Tasmania to Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge, Schmidts Road, Brimpaen VIC 796 km (this route includes a sea ferry crossing) 15 hour 16 mins
Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge, Schmidts Road, Brimpaen VIC to Titwobble Ln, Wedderburn VIC 3518 183 km 2 hour 5 mins
Titwobble Ln, Wedderburn VIC 3518 to Groper Street, Shoalhaven Heads NSW 844 km 9 hours 27 mins
Groper Street, Shoalhaven Heads NSW to Sandy Knob, Bulga Forest NSW 2429 533 km 6 hours 43 mins
Sandy Knob, Bulga Forest NSW 2429 to Hopping Dicks Creek, Limpinwood NSW 531 km 6 hours 34 mins
Hopping Dicks Creek, Limpinwood NSW to Humpybong Creek, Cattle Creek QLD 365 km 4 hours 23 mins
Humpybong Creek, Cattle Creek QLD to Mount Dick, Lakes Creek QLD 620 km 7 hours 9 mins
Mount Dick, Lakes Creek QLD to Jerking Creek Bore, Tangorin QLD 861 km 9 hours 41 mins
Western Australia    
Jerking Creek Bore, Tangorin QLD to Minger Minger Pool, Murchison WA 4309 km 51 hours
Minger Minger Pool, Murchison WA to Upperthong Street, Bullsbrook, WA 840 km 9 hours 14 mins
Upperthong Street, Bullsbrook, WA to Cock Hill, Cleve SA 2279 km 23 hours 39 mins
Cock Hill, Cleve SA to The Knob, Cowell SA 34.3 km 31 minutes
The Knob, Cowell SA to Titi-currie Springs, Gladstone, SA 317 km 3 hours 36 mins
Titi-currie Springs, Gladstone, SA to Minge Way, Nuriootpa SA 179 km 2 hours 19 mins
Total 13,390 km 6.5 days (159 hours)