If I dropped in from outer space to the Logan Global Food Market, I would swear I was in Asia, not just south of Brisbane at a farmers market in Logan City.

Apart from a distinct lack of that typical ‘smell’, a combination of rotting vegetation and poor sewerage systems, this market is full of the tastes, sights and aromas of Asia.

Granted, the patrons and stall holders also are a much more diverse cultural mix drawing from the 251 cultural groups that call Logan City home. There are stall owners from South-East Asia, India, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.

Even better, the produce naturally includes your favourite tropical fruits such as dragonfruit, jackfruit, custard apples, lychees, rambutan, and mangosteen.

Farm fresh produce at Global Food Market

The market has been operating for 13 years and three years at its present location, right next to Woodridge train station.

I was amazed by the freshness and diversity of the produce on sale, such as the bamboo shoots grown by clever local Stephine at Marsden which she sells for $1.50 a kilo.

The stalls stretch down Croyden street on both sides for a whole block, and there is plenty to browse.  Many of the stall holders also grow their produce in nearby suburbs.

Expect to find everything from Asian eggplants and chills to okra and sour leaves, along with a wide range of other more common fruit and vegetables.  Don’t expect to find things that are out of season or imported.

You can eat at Logan’s Global Food Market too!

The food section of the market is even more typically Asian with menus that could be lifted from a Bangkok sidewalk and communal tables crammed with hungry diners. It backs up to the train line occupying the train station car park.

We stopped for breakfast at Molthaien’s stall and sampled three dishes.  Molthaien is a perfectionist in her cooking and poured six litres of her first batch of pad thai sauce down the drain because she was not satisfied with its flavour.

The dishes ranged in price from $8 to $10 and were very hefty serves – excellent value!

Where to find it

The Global Food Markets are located on Croydon Road at Woodridge. 

The market runs every Sunday from 6 am to 12 pm, although some stalls sell out way before then.  As always with a market, get there early for the best selection.

If you are looking for unusual Asian ingredients, this is the place to find them and all at budget-conscious market prices.

Best way to get there is to catch a train – it’s right next to Woodridge Train Station.


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Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was a guest of Logan City and Brisbane Marketing