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Falling in love with India’s Taj Mahal

There are some moments in life that don’t live up to the anticipation, but your first sight of India’s Taj Mahal will not be one of them. Every time someone is photographed while visiting this amazing building, I’m taken right back to the moment when I stood there amongst the frenetic activity of India and found a moment of peace in its cool ivory marble exterior.

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Halloween started in Ireland – It’s true!

Famous for its tall tales, it’s no surprise that the bewitching mystery and merriment of Halloween started in Ireland! Irish Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic festival of Samain. There are strong Irish traditions and delicious Irish Halloween food like a slice of warm Barmbeck that will tell your fortune for the coming year.

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Unique New Places to Stay in Tasmania Right Now

Looking for some new places to stay in Tasmania? Here are 13 places offering unique accommodation in Tasmania that suit everyone from love-struck couples to families on the hunt for fun. There’s a geodesic dome, a fishing shack and a luxe to the manor born estate house that sleeps a crowd. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation in Tasmania or just somewhere that’s new and different, this list has you covered.

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