​Pull out the picnic rug, dust off the picnic set and start making picnic food for a great day out with these picnic styling tips! Research and planning will make your perfect picnic, so much better so spend a little time thinking about your spot and the right picnic finger food.

10 Picnic Styling Tips

While we all still love casual family picnics, you can turn casual outdoor dining into something stylish by using coordinated accessories.  Rather than rushing out and buying matching cushion, rugs, tables and accessories, why not engage a picnic organiser such as Lady Brisbane Picnics. They will set up everything for you and take it home as well.  You just supply the food.

Photo above: Lady Brisbane Picnics Alfresco Picnic experience.  Photo: Lady Brisbane.

perfect picnic tips at Orleigh Park

​Lady Brisbane picnic setting at Orleigh Park, West End. Photo: Lady Brisbane

Here Are 10 Top Picnic Styling Tips 

1. Let someone else set the scene

She is known as the fabulous photographer who showcases Brisbane like no other, but Anna, AKA Lady Brisbane, is also known for her picnic styling, which turns a casual park gathering into a special occasion. I asked Anna why she had put down her camera to make beautiful picnic settings around Brisbane. She said when a friend’s picnic business became available, she jumped at the chance to spend more time in the Brisbane locations that she loves.

Which are her favourite Brisbane picnic spots for an alfresco picnic?”I like Roma Street Parkland because there are lots of great picnic spots, it’s less busy, and the gardens are beautiful,” says Anna.  “Captain Burke Park near the Story Bridge is also a good location because there’s nothing more iconic than a picnic under the bridge, especially at night. Another one that people sometimes forget about is Orleigh Park at West End.  It is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River with lots of beautiful shady trees.  It’s a great spot for a picnic.”

2. Keep your picnic food cool

No one wants to get sick from eating food that has not been kept cool enough during transport. Put small bottles of water or juice in the freezer for a few hours or overnight before leaving. These can then double up as chiller blocks in your picnic set to keep the picnic food cool, and when you reach your spot, the drinks will still be cold.

3. Make picnic food easy

Prepare just a few things and do them well. To ease up on the cooking, visit your local deli and top up with a few good picnic finger foods like olives, beautiful cheese and crackers. These picnic tips will help make your day fun and relaxing. Choose picnic foods that can all be served at the same time, even dessert. The fun of a picnic is to spread all the delight on the blanket and let everyone laze around, helping themselves. They will be eyeing off that fabulous cake or delicious brownies while they tuck into savoury treats. Picnic tip – Pack plenty of fabulous picnic ware to add extra style.

 Picnic tip – take champagne. Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

4. Best picnic finger food

Foods that can be easily shared and eaten are the best picnic foods.  Although you may want to include food that can be eaten with a fork, like a salad, picnic finger food makes it easy to eat and clean up.  You could try serving your salads on-trend in individual jars. Slices, sandwiches, sausage rolls, skewered meats and chicken drumsticks all work well.  Few can resist a big slice of cake (try these carrot cake recipes), but cupcakes are even easier to eat. A chocolate cake is another great choice. My personal picnic favourite is a moist brownie, and these choc caramel brownies will help make your perfect picnic epic! I also love these scone recipes.

Style your picnic food as a grazing table with these great tips for maximum effect and effort.

5. Put glasses in your picnic set

If you are going to serve a decent wine, then it seems a waste to serve in plastic glasses. Take some real glasses with holders that stick into the ground. Avoid single-use plastic where you can.

6. For the perfect picnic, you’ll need a picnic rug

If you don’t have a rubber-based picnic rug put a plastic drop sheet under your blanket to avoid damp areas. Just make sure you are not on a slope, or your picnic rug will slide down the hill. If you are picnicking near a beach, don’t forget your beach towels.

perfect picnic setting by Lady Brisbane picnics

A perfect picnic setting by Lady Brisbane picnics. Photo: Lady Brisbane.​

7. Pretty up the picnic set

Take a quality cane picnic basket to add elegance to your picnic set or opt for practical cool boxes and bags to keep food fresh in the summer heat. Those cooler bags that you use for shopping can come in very handy here.

8. Be a good picnicker

Take two extra bags with you, one for rubbish and one for dirty plates and utensils. Don’t leave anything behind at the picnic site so it is nice for the next person who comes along.

9. Play some picnic games

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without some outdoor fun, so pack the football, Frisby or boules.

10. Picnic set essentials

And don’t forget these picnic essentials.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I have arrived at a picnic to realise we didn’t have …

  • insect repellent
  • suntan lotion
  • a bottle opener
  • napkins and cutlery
  • matches if you plan to barbecue.

So now you are ready to plan a picnic.  You’ve got the picnic tips, you’ve got the picnic spots, throw in some cupcakes (my favourite), Anzac biscuits or scones and go!

Here are my top 10 Brisbane picnic spots.