Unlock effortless entertaining with these creative grazing table concepts and create grazing tables like a pro! It’s easy to lift your game here and create something really special with just a few little tricks.

Top Grazing Tables

It’s such an easy way to entertain. However, even for a grazing table dining veteran like me, getting the balance and ingredients right can be challenging. Enter The School of Everything, Brisbane’s first ‘masterclass mecca’, in New Farm’s James Street.

The School of Everything is a one-stop shop for masterclasses across many stylish subjects. The brainchild of best friends Jen Campbell Case and Belinda Smetioukh, the School has a diverse, high-quality course list led by some of Brisbane’s best chefs, stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, event organisers, milliners, and florists. Use the discount code at the end of this post when you book and save 20 per cent!

“We love learning new things to bring creativity, style and fun into our lives, and workshops are such a wonderful way to achieve that, but they can be hit and miss,” Belinda said.  Jen said they also offer private masterclass events, perfect for bridal and baby showers, mum’s lunches, team events, and girls’ days out. Next on the class list are Easter Wreaths, Beachy Waves, The Art of Aperitivo, Gift Wrapping, Hand-tied Bouquets, Racing Season Headwear, and more.

The Gorgeous Grazing Tables class starts with a glass of bubbles on arrival and a long table filled with food. Everyone makes their own take-home grazing box, which you can enjoy when you get a drink later!

grazing table box

The Ultimate Grazing Table Party Hacks

Step 1 – Establish your base layer

Start by thinking about where to place the grazing table. It can be on a kitchen bench, a single-serve box, a free-standing island or straight onto food-grade paper. Then, theme it further with matching serviettes, floral arrangements and decorative backgrounds.

Step 2 – Platters or paper?

Gather all your platters and start placing them on the grazing table surface to fill them with food. Alternatively, Jen and Belinda found Jumbuck food-grade paper in a delicious terracotta shade by the roll at Bunnings – 60 metres for just $9.99. This eliminates the need for multiple platters and gives a cohesive look to your spread.
You can also use leaves like monstera or palm fronds underneath if you want a tropical look.

Grazing table masterclass

Step 4 – Gather your inspiration

Belinda and Jen love to scour Pinterest for food and design inspiration and save the images for reference.

Step 5 – How much food do you need?

Is this entrée, main and dessert, breakfast or dinner, or just sweets? What kind of meal you are offering will determine what you include in the mix. People eat around five portions an hour, per hour. Increase this if there are male guests and alcohol involved. If you have invited children, make them their own plates or a separate grazing table with child-friendly food. Jen and Belinda say there’s nothing wrong with buying your ingredients from Aldi!

Step 6 – Remember to accommodate dietary needs

Do check that all your guest’s dietary needs are covered. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but just ask them for suggestions.

grazing table food

Step 7 – Decide on your grazing table hero 

Give your hero item, it could be a ham or birthday cake, a prominent position with plenty of room around it. Space out your cheeses to avoid traffic jams

Step 8 – Keep it neat with containers

Use ramekins, jars, pots and bowls to include pastes, dips, olives, jams, honey and antipasti around the table. This adds height interest and keeps messy things contained. Scrunch it, pile it, layer it and fold the sliced meats. Create different heights with cake stands and use upturned bowls to lift things off the base.

Step 9 – There’s never too much!

More and more, there’s never too much – minimalism is not your friend. Mix it up with texture, colour and size to delight and surprise the eye. Think about what goes with what – basil leaves with tomatoes or honey with cheeses. You can include fruit, nuts, vegetables, pickles and more.

Step 10 – Don’t forget sweet treats and decorative touches

There’s no rule that says grazing tables and food platters must be savoury. Adding some sweet treats will delight many, so pop in a few meringues and marshmallows, chocolates and pastries. Make it pretty. Use herbs, flowers and foliage to add a delightful decorative touch to your table. Not everything has to be edible.

More masterclasses

Follow these expert tips from The School of Everything, and you will be surprised how easy it is to create a gorgeous grazing table. Do give it a go!  There’s so much more to discover at The School of Everything, so check out their class list.

Disclaimer: Eat drink and be Kerry was a guest of The School of Everything