Dive into culinary adventures at Australia’s top food festivals 2024 and immerse yourself in extraordinary food and wine festival flavours. Use this list to plan your food adventures and road trips for delectable experiences!

Plan ahead so your next road trip can include a food festival for double the fun. It’s a great way to get out into the regions and support local communities. Not only can you enjoy exploring a new region, but there’s also the chance to taste local foods and beverages and learn new cooking techniques. It could be the best fun you’ve ever had!

Which Food Festival Should You Visit?

When it comes to picking a food festival, you might as well throw a dart at a map and see where it lands, but hey, make sure it’s not in the middle of the ocean unless you have a serious craving for seafood. Here’s a guide spiced with a pinch of humour to help you choose:

Advantages: Go local – because who wants to travel so far that your food gets jet lag before you do? Plus, if the festival is close, you can blame the extra pounds on a short drive rather than admitting you ate your weight in cheese.

Time of the Year
Advantages: Attend a seasonal festival and you’ll be the one saying, “I only eat my truffles when they’re in season, darling.” It’s like being a food hipster but without the ironic moustache.

Focus or Theme
Advantages: Pick a theme that suits your taste buds, because life’s too short to attend a kale and quinoa festival if you’re secretly dreaming of bacon-wrapped everything. Besides, beer and bacon have been best buds for centuries – why break up a winning team?

In the end, just remember, food festivals are like relationships – you might not find “the one” on the first try, but you’ll certainly enjoy the journey and probably gain a few extra pounds along the way. Do check the festival websites for the latest updated information on Australia’s top food festivals 2024  Bon appétit and happy foodie adventures!

Creative Harvest

Australia’s Top Food Festivals 2024


Creative Harvest, Gippsland

January 27 and 28, 2024

Creative Harvest is an open food garden weekend from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. The gardens range from private food-producing gardens in small suburban backyards to large family farms with a host of artists and creatives, including beekeepers, winemakers, jam makers, jewellers, mosaic makers, painters, printmakers and sculptors. Some of Gippsland’s finest food and drink providers will also be in selected gardens. Creative Harvest also includes hands-on workshops. Visitors can buy tickets to learn skills in hot composting, preserving and fermenting homegrown produce, growing veggies from seed or extracting dye from local flora.

For more information, visit Creative Harvest

top Australian food festivals 2024 Canberra Beer Cider Festival

Canberra Beer & Cider Festival


Canberra Beer & Cider Festival

March 16, Canberra, ACT

The Canberra Craft Beer & Cider Festival is set to captivate attendees with a diverse array of offerings from over 40 local and interstate exhibitors. The event, hosted on the historic grounds of the Mercure Canberra in Braddon, will run from 11 am to 6 pm, providing ample time to explore and savour the offerings.

Enthusiasts can indulge in a tasting adventure featuring up to 250 craft beers, ciders, and spirits. Notable exhibitors include the Coastal Brewing Company, Goose on the Loose, Sydney Brewery, Mountain Goat, Bucketty’s Brewery, Thirsty Devil Brewery, and Ambrosia Distillery.

To enhance the experience, the festival will feature an array of local food providers and live entertainment throughout the day. As an exciting addition for 2024, immediately following the Canberra Craft Beer & Cider Festival, the sky above Lake Burley Griffin will come alive with the Skyfire fireworks and entertainment spectacular.

The post-festival extravaganza will include a variety of musical acts leading up to the main event—a 20-minute pyrotechnic display launched from barges in the lake. The spectacle will be accompanied by a synchronized soundtrack broadcasted on local radio stations. It’s an extraordinary conclusion to a day filled with craft beverage exploration and vibrant local entertainment.

For more information, visit Canberra Beer & Cider Festival

Echo Festival Tasmania

Echo Festival Tasmania ©NatashaMulhall

The East Coast Harvest Odyssey ECHO Festival

March 22 – 24, Swansea, Tasmania

The 2024 ECHO program offers a diverse range of experiences across culture and arts, food, science and nature centred around this year’s theme, Waterbirds. The iconic Native Bounty Feast will be a three-course degustation of local produce prepared by acclaimed Tasmanian Chef Megan Quill, with an interactive program of entertainment. Quill and her team will be cooking up a delightful mix of local indigenous ingredients with a Mediterranean spin.

For more information, visit ECHO

Feast of the Senses

March 24, 2024, Innisfail, south of Cairns.

Take your hearty appetite and head to the Cassowary Coast, south of Cairns, for Feast of the Senses. Held in the art deco town of Innisfail, this three-day festival showcases the Cassowary Coast’s fresh and unique local produce. Think exotic fruits and locally grown meat, seafood, spices and wine. Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the World’s Longest Banana Split, which was a whopping 8.04km! Hop aboard Snapping Tours for a tropical cocktail cruise, taste the tropics at a sit-down dinner at the Crown Hotel or explore local producers on the Trans North Northern Food Trail or Norfoam Southern Food Trail. Or simply browse an array of food stalls, listen to live entertainment or take the little ‘uns to the kid’s zone.

For more information, visit Feast of the Senses

Australia’s top food festivals 2024 Photo by Rebecca Orlov, Orlov Design Co on Unsplash


Orange F.O.O.D. Week

April 5 – 14, 2024, Orange, New South Wales

The Food Basket of NSW comes alive at this food and wine festival, highlighting the finest fresh produce and cool climate wines. Now in its 30th year, the Orange F.O.O.D Week festival is Australia’s longest-running regional food and wine festival and delivers a rich tapestry of eight signature and 100 satellite events held over ten days each autumn during the local harvest and vintage season.

For more information on the next festival, visit Orange Food Week.

Top Australian Food Festivals 2024 Wild Harvest Seafood Festival

Wild Harvest Seafood Festival

April 26 – 28, 2024, Malacoota, Victoria

Spanning three delightful days, the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival is set to joyously celebrate the enduring connection that the Mallacoota community shares and has always cherished, with the vast ocean. This extraordinary festival presents a unique opportunity to revel in the mysteries of the sea, offering a diverse array ranging from Abalone to Sea Urchins, Oysters to Banded Morwong, and everything in between.

The festival’s program is taking shape and promises to surpass even the loftiest expectations. Market stalls will beckon with mouthwatering offerings, showcasing the freshest seafood and local produce, while the air will be filled with the delightful melodies of live music, providing continuous entertainment throughout the weekend.

In addition to the exceptional culinary delights and musical interludes, the festival aims to captivate the younger sea enthusiasts. The esteemed Parks Victoria Junior Ranger program will be in full swing, hosting a variety of engaging and free activities for kids, igniting their curiosity about the wonders of the ocean.

For those inclined towards aquatic adventures, FishCare returns this year, conducting popular fishing clinics. Moreover, enthusiasts can embark on an exploration of the pristine Mallacoota lakes system while gaining insights into estuary health and its diverse habitats aboard the M.V. Loch-Ard during a Mallacoota Inlet Tour. The festival promises a splendid trifecta of delectable seafood, lively entertainment, and educational experiences for all attendees.

For more information on the next festival, visit Wild Harvest Seafood Festival.

Australia's top food festivals 2024


Tasting Australia

May 3 – 12 May 2024, Adelaide, South Australia

Australia’s longest-running culinary festival makes a grand return with an enticing lineup of over 150 events spread across South Australia for a 10-day extravaganza. The captivating program features a revamped Town Square, exclusive Tasting Australia Airlines trips to the Eyre Peninsula and the Limestone Coast, and a beverage agenda brimming with unique tastings and special bottles.

Breaking new ground, the festival introduces a direct charter plane from Melbourne to Naracoorte, connecting visitors from interstate to regional South Australia in a groundbreaking Tasting Australia Airlines experience. Another exclusive event is the collaboration with Journey Beyond for Tasting Australia by Train, offering a curated 10-hour day trip from Melbourne to Adelaide aboard The Ghan’s dining and bar carriages.

Internationally acclaimed chefs such as Asma Khan (UK), Claudette Zepeda (US), and James Henry (France) will headline alongside a stellar national and local lineup, featuring culinary luminaries like Matt Moran, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, Justin James, and Jake Kellie.

The festival’s immersive events span a sailing adventure along the Kangaroo Island coastline, a delectable collaboration dinner featuring former colleagues Ben Williamson (Agnes, Brisbane) and Kiin’s head chef Ben Bertei, a wine tasting and screening of the movie “Sideways” at Piccadilly North Adelaide, and a unique foraging experience in the Coorong National Park during the Coorong Long Lunch: Kuti Shack x The Joinery x Pipi Co.

For more information, visit Tasting Australia

Grampians Grape Escape

May 3 – 5, 2024, Halls Gap, Victoria

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Australia’s stunning natural landscape, the Grampians Grape Escape in Halls Gap emerges as a weekend extravaganza, seamlessly blending regional wine, delectable cuisine, and soulful melodies. This enduring wine, food, and music festival has been a proud showcase of Western Victoria’s producers and makers for three decades, offering attendees the unique experience of savoring wine directly from the winemaker and enjoying produce straight from the source.

Gather your companions and immerse yourselves in a vibrant village boasting over 100 stalls that cater to every sense. From enlightening exhibitor masterclasses and captivating cooking demonstrations to the enchanting tunes of live music and the presence of skilled guest chefs, this festival promises a sensory journey that celebrates the essence of the region.

More information – Grampians Grape Escape


April, 2024, Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail, North West Tasmania

The TrailGraze event is a weekend celebration of the Tasting Trail, shining a spotlight on the producers of Tasmania’s north-west through workshops, tours, tastings, live music, and exceptional food and drinks. Inspired by the extraordinary produce of the region, the self-guided Tasting Trail beckons visitors to explore the best of Tasmania’s north-west with interactive maps and itineraries. Traverse scenic green hills and pristine coastlines to discover the secrets behind the unique wine, cider, craft beer, spirits, cheese, meats, seafood, condiments, and confectionery that define this culinary haven.

More on TrailGraze

Australia's Top Food Festivals 2023

Australia’s Top Food Festivals 2024 – Mary Valley GourMay festival


GourMay Mary Valley Festival

April 30 to May 31, 2024, Mary Valley, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

​The Mary Valley, just north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, is hosting the Mary Valley GourMay Festival throughout May to celebrate its diverse produce. Once a magnet for gold-seeking European settlers in the mid-19th century, the valley now treasures golden fruits, vegetables, dairy, herbs, and meats. Located an hour north of the Sunshine Coast and two hours from Brisbane Airport, the Mary Valley’s fertile land and microclimates yield a variety of goods, from traditional dairy and beef to exotic fruits like pineapples, avocados, limes, persimmons, and even Spanish tempranillo grapes. GourMay Mary Valley honours the hardworking farmers, producers, and creators who bring flavours to the plate. This month-long festival offers a chance to meet these passionate individuals behind the produce, promising authentic events for food lovers seeking genuine culinary experiences.

More on Mary Valley GourMay TrailGraze

Robertson Potato Festival

Sack races at Roberston Potato Festival, one of Australia’s top food festivals 2024

The Robertson Potato Festival

May 4 and 5, 2024, Robertson Showground, Robertson, New South Wales

The picturesque Southern Highlands town of Robertson, known for its potato cultivation, warmly welcomes you and your family as friendly hosts. Join us for two delightful days filled with delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and entertaining activities for all ages. Get ready for a spud-tastic experience!

More on Robertson Potato Festival

Karrimanjbekkan An-me Kakadu – Taste of Kakadu

May 24 -26, 2024, Kakadu, Northern Territory

A cultural food festival 65,000 years in the making, Kakadu National Park will host Karrimanjbekkan An-me Kakadu – Taste of Kakadu a 10-day food festival program of locally inspired food exploration and events. Indulge all your senses with pop-up dining experiences, traditional ground oven feasts, handcrafted menus from celebrity chefs, forage walks with traditional owners, canape cruises, and ancestral stories and cultural workshops.

For more information about the festival, visit Taste of Kakadu

Australian food festival high tea
Honey puffs at Paniyiri Greek Festival

Enjoy Greek Baklava at Paniyiri, one of Australia’s top food festivals 2024.


May 18  and 19, 2024, South Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland

Experience the enchantment of the 48th annual Paniyiri Greek Festival in Musgrave Park, where lazy afternoons are spent basking in the sun, sharing laughter with friends, and savoring wine amidst the delightful chaos of plate-smashing. This legendary event, spanning over 50 years, is a jubilant celebration of Greek culture.

At Paniyiri, the spotlight is on the gastronomic delights with 20 food stalls showcasing an exquisite array of authentic dishes hailing from 11 different Greek regions. Indulge guilt-free in multiple servings of BBQ calamari, souvlaki, haloumi, and honey puffs, as no judgment is passed for embracing the culinary delights.

Embracing the theme ‘Picnic at Paniyiri,’ attendees can either purchase a charming Paniyiri keepsake picnic blanket on-site or bring their own to create a cozy spot for a day filled with Greek feasting, wine sipping, and revelry.

The festivities extend beyond mere indulgence, immersing participants in a day and night of Greek dance, music, and mythology. Channel your inner Dionysus, the original God of wine, by participating in a Greek wine tasting. Alternatively, explore Greek beers or indulge in Greek-inspired cocktails, allowing you to live out your Greek fantasies without the need for a passport. Undoubtedly, Paniyiri stands as Brisbane’s premier park party, a lively celebration where the spirit of “Opa!” echoes throughout the revelry.

Visit Paniyiri for all the deets and tips on how to #partylikeagreek

top Australian food festivals 2024 Noosa Eat & Drink

Noosa Eat & Drink Festival 2024.

Noosa Eat & Drink Festival

May 30  to June 2, 2024, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Get ready for a gastronomic extravaganza as the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival makes a triumphant return in 2024, serving up over 75 delectable events spread across four tantalizing days. It’s the kind of Noosa weekend that’s simply irresistible!

The upcoming year promises a feast for the senses, featuring a revamped Festival Village, two spanking new long lunch destinations, beach events that redefine seaside celebrations, and restaurant happenings sprinkled throughout the region.

The latest additions, the two Long Lunches and the Opening Beach Event were such instant hits that they practically flew off the shelves – or rather, the internet shelves, as they sold out in minutes. But fret not. A handful of tickets for the Festival Sundowner and Festival Village on both Saturday and Sunday are still up for grabs.

Hold your culinary breath because the full program, a veritable roadmap to foodie bliss, will be unveiled in early March. Don’t miss a bite – sign up for our mailing list and be the first to savour all the delicious updates!

Visit Noosa Eat & Drink for the latest information.

Good Food & Wine Show

May 31- June 2, 2024, Melbourne

A fantastic day out sampling the latest foods, wines and home products. The show features celebrity chefs, inspiring masterclasses and hundreds of local and international exhibitors.

For more information, visit Good Food & Wine Show.

​Plenty to enjoy at the Fraser Coast’s Relish food and wine festival.


Relish Food & Wine

June 1, 2024, Queens Park & Portside Precinct, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, Queensland

Expect local food, gourmet tastings, workshops and a feast of local cuisine in the heritage streets of Maryborough, Queen’s Park and Mary River Parklands with a full seven-hour program.

For more information, visit Relish Food & Wine

Eat Local Week top Australian Food Festival

Scenic Rim Eat Local Month

June  2024, Scenic Rim, Queensland

One of Australia’s top food festivals, Scenic Rim Eat Local Month features events from Canungra to The Lost World, Beaudesert to Boonah, Tamborine Mountain to Kalbar. Scenic Rim Eat Local Month is the ultimate backstage pass to the farms, wineries and food stories of this extraordinary region. This event has grown to become one of Australia’s most authentic food festivals, and this year will be attended by an army of eat local champions who heed the call from across the road and across the country.

For more information, visit Eat Local Month

Night Noodle Markets 2021

Night Noodle Markets Brisbane

TBC June, 2024, Brisbane CBD Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane Night Noodle Markets is back at Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens. Entrance is free, but you need to book your tickets online.  It’s the same market that has been held in the Forecourt in front of the Performing Arts Centre on the Brisbane River in previous years.

Find all the details here – Brisbane Night Noodle Markets

One of Australia’s top food festivals 2024, the Hampton Festival is a vibrant celebration of local food production.

Hampton Festival

TBC, 2024, Hampton, Queensland

Held at Chapman Park, just 32 kilometres north of Toowoomba, Hampton Festival is known for its celebration of the region’s fresh produce and plentiful artistic talent. This year’s event will feature live music, a fresh produce market, an art exhibition with over 70 market stalls, food and wine exhibitors and restaurants. Visitors to this year’s festival can shop from an onsite fresh produce market, taste and buy local wines, cheese, spirits and craft beer and savour the regional flavours of our many onsite cafes, restaurants and cottage industries. The festival will also feature a Growers On The Green precinct, where locals can meet and interact with regional producers, hear their paddock-to-plate stories and watch live demonstrations.

For more information, visit Hampton Festival

Top Australian Food Festivals - Truffle Hunting

Manjimup Truffle and Wine Festival

TBC, 2024, Manjimup, Western Australia

Manjimup Truffle and Wine Festival showcases local producers and makers with truffle tours, dog hunts, gourmet degustation dinners, wine tastings, farm visits, and wine masterclasses.
Truffle lovers can take a discovery tour across the Manjimup and Pemberton regions. You will find bookable truffle-themed experiences at many venues, including Truffle Hill Wines, Ampersand Estates, Hidden River Estate, Pemberley of Pemberton, Tall Timbers Manjimup, and Stonebarn Estate. The Manjimup-Pemberton community will host satellite events at multiple venues during the day and evening, showcasing the abundance of truffles and wines available.
More information: Manjimup Truffle and Wine Festival

Matt Golinski St Lawrence Wetlands Weekend

St Lawrence Wetlands Weekend

June, 2024, St Lawrence, Central Queensland

Every June, the vibrant pulse of life surges through the St Lawrence Wetlands as it hosts a top Queensland cultural and culinary extravaganza. Spanning three days, this event draws visitors from all corners of Australia to the picturesque Isaac Coast.

Immersed in the distinctive and intimate setting, attendees engage in a rich tapestry of arts, cultural heritage encounters, and immersive culinary sessions. Amidst this celebration, guests also embark on explorations of the wetlands, delving into the intricacies of the region’s diverse environmental ecosystem. It’s a gathering that seamlessly weaves together appreciation for art, culture, gastronomy, and environmental stewardship, offering a truly unparalleled experience.

For the latest updates, visit St Lawrence Wetlands Weekend

Truffle Kerfluffle

Australia’s top food festivals 2024.

Truffle Kerfuffle

TBC June, 2024, Manjimup, Western Australia 

Held in the most prolific truffle-growing region in the Southern Hemisphere, the festival is a true celebration of Manjimup’s prized black truffles, sought-after by chefs across the globe for their consistent high quality, impossible-to-describe taste and heady, earthy aroma. Truffle lovers can still get their delectable fix of alluring truffles during the season (from May to August) by ordering direct from truffle farmers, as well as stunning Southern Forests produce and wine direct from wineries.

For more information, visit Truffle Kerfuffle

Good Food & Wine Show

June 21 -26 Sydney

A fantastic day out sampling the latest foods, wines and home products. The show features celebrity chefs, inspiring masterclasses and hundreds of local and international exhibitors.

For more information visit Good Food & Wine Show.

top Australian food festivals 2024

Hunter Valley Wine Festival

Hunter Valley Wine & Beer Festival

June 22, Rydges Resort Hunter Valley

On Saturday, June 22, the 2024 Hunter Valley Wine & Beer Festival promises to draw the finest wineries and brewers from the region, creating a day of exceptional dining and entertainment at Lovedale. Hosted at Rydges Resort Hunter Valley, the festival will unfold from 11 am to 5 pm.

Attendees can indulge in a tasting journey featuring wines from renowned producers like Drayton’s, Brokenwood, Hungerford Hill, McGuigans, and Pepper Tree, as well as offerings from boutique wineries such as Gundog, Gartelman, 1813, and Comyns & Co. In addition to the stellar wine selection, leading craft brewers, including Block n Tackle Brewery, Shout, and Sydney Brewery, will be showcasing their creations. The culinary experience is further enriched by a tempting array of artisan foods from local providores, including the Upper Hunter Smokehouse, Donarch Fine Chocolates, and the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory.

Throughout the day, live entertainment will provide a vibrant backdrop to the festival. This family-friendly event extends a warm welcome to children, who will receive complimentary entry and can partake in a variety of activities, including a jumping castle, train rides, and face painting. The 2024 Hunter Valley Wine & Beer Festival is poised to be a delightful celebration for all, combining the region’s finest libations with a day of family fun and entertainment.

For more information visit Hunter Valley Wine & Beer Festival

There’s plenty to enjoy at the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival, a not-to-be-missed top Australian food festival 2024.


Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival

July 12 – 13, 2024, Huon Valley, Tasmania

WASAIL AWAY! Venture down to the Huon Valley to Willie Smith’s Apple Shed to gather around the fire, dance and feast to celebrate the region’s rich apple-growing history. Dress up in your finest tatters, bring your pots and pans and make a noise to scare away the evil spirits from the orchard so that the next season brings abundance.

Visiting this festival is a real experience, and I enjoyed it immensely. The Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival is fun, with plenty of wonderful Tasmanian food and quirky local traditions.

Held in the deep south of Tasmania in the dead of winter, the bacchanalian Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival celebrates storytelling, winter feasting, and centuries-old pagan traditions. It’s staged near the village of Ranelagh in the heart of the apple-growing country, about 30-minute drive south of Hobart.

Explore three days of otherworldly delights: irresistible local produce, artisanal cider and spirits, blazing bonfires and Australia’s peak Storytelling Slam. Revellers drink and dance to eclectic folk music around bonfires, and limber up for the wassail, an old pagan practice to usher in a good harvest. Following flaming torches, wassailing folks dispel evil spirits by beating drums and pots and pans, then “awaken” the apple trees with the traditional wassail song and bless the trees with cider.

The food and wine festival starts with a welcome ceremony from Tasmanian Aboriginals to collectively release negative energy, cleanse the spirit and make way for the new, and culminates in the burning of a 15-metre wicker effigy named Big Willie. A highlight is the Storytellers Cup, a much-loved festival tradition giving folks a chance to connect, reflect and learn from each other through the art of sharing spoken tales

For more information on the festival, visit Huon Valley Mid Winter Fest 

Good Food & Wine Show Perth

July 19 – 21, Perth

A fantastic day out sampling the latest foods, wines and home products. The show features celebrity chefs, inspiring masterclasses and hundreds of local and international exhibitors.

For more information, visit Good Food & Wine Show.

The Curated Plate

July 26 to August 4, 2024, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Spanning a delightful 10 days, this locally inspired festival is a tasteful celebration that pays homage to the region’s bountiful produce, talented producers, and skilled chefs. With unforgettable experiences, it captivates both locals and visitors, leaving a lasting impression on all who partake in its culinary wonders.

More about The Curated Plate

Tassie Scallop Fiesta

TBC July, 2024, Bridport Tasmania

Where else but in Tasmania can you celebrate the opening of the scallop season with a gastronomic festival rich in flavour and all things that live under the sea? Learn more about the area’s maritime history, find out what to fish and what not to fish and watch live cooking demonstrations using the hero ingredient of the day, the humble scallop!

For more information on the festival, visit Tassie Scallop Fiesta


Salt House Food & Wine Festival

August 3, 2024, Salt House, Cairns

Make your way to the Salt House to sink your teeth into one of Cairns’ biggest Food and Wine festivals. Sip on your favourite cocktails and taste tongue-tingling drinks by distillers, brewers and winemakers. Pair your tipples with great food, live music and more. Kids and under-18s are welcome to this event until later in the evening, so why not bring along the whole family?

For more information, visit Salt House Food and Wine Festival

Where to buy fresh fish

Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival showcases the region’s produce.

Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival

August 23 -25, 2024, Moreton Bay Region, Queensland

Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival gives you more reasons to spend a weekend by the water. With Moreton Bay as its backdrop, this free festival precinct winds its way along Redcliffe Parade with top-notch bites and sips and a flavour-packed entertainment program. Discover what’s on the menu in the Moreton Bay Region.

For more information, visit Moreton Bay Food & Wine

Taste Bundaberg Australia's Top Food Festivals

Taste Bundaberg Festival 

From August 30, 2024, Bundaberg, Queensland

The flavours that make the region shine for ten tantalising days during Taste Bundaberg Festival  with a smorgasbord of food-focused events.  There will be tours, tastings markets, a degustation dinner, and cooking demonstrations, including a dessert masterclass, chocolate-themed workshops and a virtual trail of the best places to get a sugar rush. There’s also a range of family-friendly events, including a picnic under the orchard of Macadamias Australia and Taste Bundaberg Farmers Market at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct.

For more information on the festival, visit Taste Bundaberg Festival 

​Tasmania has a week-long whisky celebration. Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Fraser Coast Flavours

August 31, 2024, Hervey Bay, Queensland

Experience the epitome of culinary delight at the Fraser Coast Flavours Festival, set against the scenic backdrop of Seafront Oval on Hervey Bay’s foreshore. This event seamlessly weaves together the best in food, music, artisanal creations, and community spirit on the Fraser Coast. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, savour a diverse array of street food delights, revel in live entertainment, and sip on refreshing beverages from local wineries and breweries. Join us at the newest festival in Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast Flavours, and make memories that will linger long after the event concludes!

For more information, visit Hervey Bay Seafood Festival

Tasmanian Whisky Week

TBC August, 2024, Hobart, Tasmania

This is Tasmania’s week-long, state-wide celebration of whisky and the people who make it. Connoisseurs and those who appreciate a wee dram can visit renowned local distilleries, including McHenry Distillery, Lark Distillery, and Sullivan’s Cove Distillery. Visitors will see firsthand why Tasmania is emerging as the boutique whisky capital of Australia. The festival events occur in some of Tasmania’s most picturesque bars, barns, stables and restaurants. There are exclusive masterclasses and behind-the-scenes distillery tours. Access to unreleased whiskies makes this an exciting event where visitors can meet the makers and taste hundreds of single malts and blends. There’s a reason that Tasmanian is home to internationally acclaimed gold medal whiskies, so go and find out why.

For more information, visit Tasmanian Whisky Week

Taste Port Douglas Food & Drink Festival

August 8 – 11, 2024

Enjoy the food, drinks and lifestyle that have made Tropical North Queensland a popular holiday destination. In 2024 there will be a four-day program led by event founder and director chef Spencer Patrick. 

More information here Taste Port Douglas

Treat yourself to good Easter chocolate.

Maitland Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival

TBC August, 2024, Maitland, New South Wales

The Aroma Festival is a coffee and chocolate affair that aims to ward off the winter chill with the best local coffee roasters, and a delectable range of chocolates. Enjoy wines, desserts, local cuisine and fresh produce through exhibitors, demonstrations, displays, coffee roasters, market stalls, children’s activities, and live entertainment.

For more information, visit Maitland Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival


Kingaroy BaconFest

Head to Kingaroy for BaconFest, a top Australian food festival.


August TBC, 2024, Kingaroy, Queensland

​More than 15,000 people are expected to ‘bring home the bacon’ after visiting the southeast Queensland town of Kingaroy in August for the Kingaroy BaconFest, a celebration of all things pork. Organisers expect a piggier than ever turn out to enjoy the annual event in the South Burnett town so bacon lovers should pre-purchase their tickets online. This is Australia’s top food festivals 2024 for bacon lovers.

More information:   Kingaroy BaconFest

How many strawberries can you eat at Redfest? Photo by Artur Rutkowski


Redfest Strawberry Festival

September 7 – 8, 2024,  Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland

How many strawberries can you eat? Whether you’re up for the World-Famous Strawberry Eating Competition or keen to indulge at your own pace, the RedFest Strawberry Festival is the place for strawberry lovers. There’ll be strawberry skewers, strawberry ice cream, chocolate-covered delights and produce sourced from across Redlands Coast. As one of Australia’s longest-running community festivals, Redfest offers a jam-packed weekend of fun, food and entertainment for everyone in the family.

For more information about the festival, visit Redfest Strawberry Festival

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers’ Festival of Food and Wine

September 1  to 30,  2024, Toowoomba

Enjoy a month of flavours and flowers in Toowoomba with an exciting event calendar.

More information at Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers


Babinda Harvest Festival

September 7, 2024, Babinda, North Queensland

There’s a Harvest Festival Queen, High Tea, Duck Dash, and Tractor Pull. This festival was first held in 1962.

For more information on this festival, visit Babinda Harvest Festival

Great Eastern Wine Week, Tasmania

East Coast Oysters at one of Australia’s top food festivals 2024.

Great Eastern Wine Week

September 6 – 15, 2024 East Coast Tasmania

Great Eastern Wine Week, Tasmania’s largest food and wine event program returns to East Coast Tasmania this September with its most impressive lineup to date. Spanning 221km of Tasmania’s pristine eastern coastline, the event will showcase the best of the region’s culinary and cultural experiences and unveils the hidden gems of East Coast Tasmania!

For more information, visit Great Eastern Wine Trail


Good Food & Wine Show

October 25 – 27, 2024, Brisbane 

A fantastic day out sampling the latest foods, wines and home products. The show features celebrity chefs, inspiring masterclasses and hundreds of local and international exhibitors.

For more information, visit Good Food & Wine Show.

One of Australia’s top food festivals 2024



Stall at Southern Highlands Food Festival top Australian food festival 2023

One of Australia’s top food festivals 2024


Southern highlands food & wine festival

December TBC, Corbett Gardens Bowral, New South Wales.

Experience a delightful culinary journey at the Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival, taking place from December 8th to 10th at the historic Corbett Gardens in Bowral. Discover an array of mouthwatering food, exquisite wines, craft beer, and spirits, and meet the passionate producers. Shop for delectable items like jams, pickles, olives, pastries, and more. Savour chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and riesling, along with expertly crafted gins, whiskies, rums, and liqueurs inspired by diverse international influences. The festival’s “Market Hall” will feature local art, handcrafts, and artisan creations, making it a must-visit event for food and art enthusiasts alike.

For more information on this festival, visit Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival

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