Grab a golden moment with the ultimate sunflower selfie experience in Southern Queensland Country! Walk through the field and take up close and personal perfect summer sunflower selfies. No more perching on the side of the road or climbing onto your car roof to get the perfect shot.

Where can you take Sunflower Selfies in Southern Queensland Country ?

Step into the sun-drenched fields and effortlessly capture flawless, up-close summer sunflower selfies like never before. No more precarious roadside perches or rooftop acrobatics necessary – here’s your guide to snapping the perfect shot with ease!

Sunflowers have a real love affair with the sun, but catching them in all their glory is like chasing a rainbow during a unicorn stampede! Aim for January to April for prime sunflower spotting, but brace yourself for the wild unpredictability of the weather – it’s like trying to plan a picnic in a tornado!

In places like the Scenic Rim and Southern Queensland Country, these beauties might pop up as early as November or December, but drought can be a real party pooper, affecting their numbers like a grumpy neighbor yelling ‘get off my lawn!’

And here’s the kicker – their time in the spotlight is fleeting, like a Hollywood romance. Blink, and you might miss it! One week, they’re strutting their stuff in vibrant gold, the next, they’re like yesterday’s news. It’s all about timing, folks, with a sprinkle of luck thrown in for good measure!

Winter Sun at Warraba

 Warraba Sunflowers will be filled with fields of bright-coloured sunflowers.

How to take great sunflower selfies

  • Dawn and dusk are great times to take photos of sunflowers, but most fields are not open at 4.30 am when the sun rises.  Instead, aim for the golden hour around dusk and try for some sunburst through the flowers.
  • Watch out for bees, so you don’t get stung, but also because they can make great close-up shots.
  • Remember, the backdrop in the photo is important, so angle your camera to catch the best view.
  • Try different perspectives – close-ups and wide angles.  You can also kneel down amongt the flowers and shoot upwards.
  • Do respect the fields and dress according with closed in shoes to navigate through the rows.


Warraba Sunflowers at Cambooya

Top 5 Sunflower Selfies in Southern Queensland

Warraba Sunflowers, Cambooya

Gather your squad, whether it’s your bestie, gal pals, or the whole family (well-behaved pooch included!), for a delightful day surrounded by the happiest flowers on earth. Pack a picnic, spread out the blanket, and soak up the sunshine amidst these cheerful blooms. With their vibrant yellow flower heads stealing the show, there’s endless joy to be found basking in the beauty of these blooming wonders. Follow their Facebook page for the next open day. You’ll find Warraba Sunflowers off Watts Siding Rd, 29km south of Toowoomba.  Warraba Sunflowers offers the option to pick as many sunflowers as you wish. BYO secateurs.

Make it a day or a weekend trip. Enjoy a meal at the historic Bull and Barley Inn, Cambooya, or Rudd’s Pub in Nobby.  There are many hotels or bed and breakfast options in Toowoomba if you want to stay overnight.

Ten Chain Farm, Lockyer Valley

Follow Ten Chain Farm on Facebook for information on their next farm-tastic day filled with sunflowers and tractor fun. Admission is just $10 for Adults, and $5 for Children, and includes a complimentary sunflower to pick and take home. Want more blooms? Inquire on-site about purchasing a bunch! Join us at Ten Chain Farm, nestled in Flagstone Creek within the picturesque Lockyer Valley, only 25km east of Toowoomba or 119 km west of Brisbane.

Sunflowers on Kents, Kalbar

At Sunflowers on Kents visitors can meander through the charming fields, deciding whether to snip a sunflower or opt for a pre-cut bunch of five stems – because why not let someone else do the legwork? For those in need of a caffeine fix or a sweet treat, Coffee Studio On Kents has you covered with delectable offerings sure to tantalize taste buds and perk up spirits.

Operating on weekends, weather permitting, and by appointment from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, visitors are encouraged to peruse the website and secure their entry in advance. The modest $15 entry fee not only grants access to the sunflower wonderland but also provides the opportunity to showcase floral artistry by assembling your bouquet. Just remember to BYO secateurs and bucket for maximum flower-fetching efficiency.

Dressed in sensible, enclosed footwear and sporting a fetching hat, patrons are invited to frolic freely among the blossoms. And for those with a less-than-amicable relationship with bees, fear not – just pack your trusty medication and buzz on over! Sunflowers on Kents warmly welcome furry companions, as long as they’re kept on a leash.

Conveniently located a stone’s throw away from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast at 10 Kents Lagoon Road, Kalbar, this floral oasis promises an escape from the mundane with a dash of countryside charm and a sprinkle of floral whimsy.

Kalbar Sunflower Festival

Stop the flower field hunt and join us in celebrating colour and community spirit at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival, taking place from April 19 to 21, 2024! It’s your ticket to getting up close and personal with half a million sunflowers spread across vast farmland. Wander through the massive 4-acre sunflower maze and don’t forget your camera – photo ops galore! Feel free to dress to impress for this joyful occasion.

From start to finish, the event is packed with fun for everyone. Enjoy kids’ activities, yoga sessions, painting workshops, and even a paint ‘n’ sip experience. Enhance your culinary skills with cooking classes or indulge in a sunset dinner by the sunflowers at the long table setup. For an unforgettable view, take a chopper ride for an aerial perspective of the sunflower fields. Don’t miss out on a bloomin’ good time at Kalbar Sunflower Festival.

Go Sunflower Field Spotting

Feel like a road trip?  Here’s a link to three Southern Queensland Country routes where you can spot sunflowers in season. Sunflower fields can also often be spotted around Nobby, Cambooya, Warwick, Toowoomba, and Allora.

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