It’s market mayhem at Milton with another new Sunday morning option for inner city and western suburbs locals at Cribb Street.

If you were a fan of the Red Hill Markets, you’ll find much to love at this new venue because it’s practically a direct lift. There are many familiar faces amongst the stall holders and also amongst the crowd.

It’s a refreshing change to grab a street park
so easily at a weekend market.


Milton Markets is a popular Sunday destination.

What’s different at Milton is the addition of 350 undercover car parks courtesy of a parking station. That doesn’t mean all your parking woes will disappear, but arrive at the right time (either early or late) and you’ve got a good chance of nabbing a park.

There’s also street parking to be found in the adjacent commercial district. Having frequently hunted around here for a park during the week, it’s a refreshing change to grab a street park so easily at a weekend market.

Entrance to Milton Markets

The other good thing about this market is that it’s all on one level plot of land that’s been newly asphalted which makes it easy to negotiate. The downside is that the asphalt tends to stick to the sole of your shoes, but I guess that won’t last.

This is what I found at the market.


Let's Do Yum Cha at Brisbane Noodle Markets.
Great selection at Let's Do Yum Cha.
Australia's most instagramed cake, Black Star Pastry's strawberry watermelon cake with rosewater cream.
The Milton market opens at 6 am every Sunday and finishes at 12 noon.


Best tip: As with all markets, get there early.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK is simply sharing food love.