Explore Bee Gees Way Redcliffe, a captivating tribute to the iconic Bee Gees, set against the backdrop of Redcliffe’s rich music history.

Back in the day, when this pop group was known by their nicknames Bodding, Basser, and Woggie, Redcliffe’s Bee Gees Way was only a dream. Redcliffe’s tribute to the brother Gibb is a reminder that these famous songsters grew up in the beautiful environment of Brisbane’s bayside, enjoying the sort of outdoor lifestyle that we all dream about giving our kids.

Sir Barry Gibb visited the outdoor exhibition honouring the Bee Gees’ musical success in 2015 and reminisced about his idyllic childhood, swimming every morning off the dock, diving for pennies from Redcliffe Pier and playing on the beach on warm summer nights.

The Bee Gees Way Redcliffe Brisbane.
The Bee Gees Way statue showing the boys as youngsters.

Redcliffe Music History

The Bee Gees, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, made their home in Redcliffe after emigrating from Manchester, England, during the late 1950s. Their musical journey began with performances at Redcliffe Speedway, even as a young 14-year-old Barry, showcasing their talent in this part of Redcliffe’s music history. In 1958, the Bee Gees signed their inaugural record contract right at their family’s kitchen table in Redcliffe, marking a pivotal moment in the careers of these legendary artists who would go on to become one of the best-selling music acts, selling over 200 million records.

Redcliffe has celebrated their most famous sons with a Bee Gees laneway.  There is a 70-metre mural incorporating the faces of Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb, along with life-size statues of the group.  One shows the young boys as youngsters, while the other two-metre-tall statue highlights the peak of their musical success during the “One Night Only” era.

Exploring the Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe

Sir Barry loved the Bee Gees Way

Sir Barry’s nostalgic recollections of the early days echo through the immersive Bee Gees Way Redcliffe display, where you can explore over 70 captioned photos and album covers while enjoying their music. Taking a leisurely stroll down the laneway, enveloped in the sounds of the Bee Gees and Sir Barry’s voice, is a genuine delight.

Growing up as a devoted Bee Gees fan, my connection to the brothers was deepened by my family’s ties to them. My uncle played a pivotal role by selling them their very first guitars, while my grandfather crafted custom cases for their instruments. I still treasure an autographed album cover from those cherished times.

When their iconic Saturday Night Fever album hit the scene, I had a hunch it would be a resounding success, and history proved me right. It stands as the best-selling soundtrack in history, with over 45 million copies sold, maintaining its position atop the album charts for an impressive 24 consecutive weeks. Bee Gees Way Redcliffe beautifully commemorates these remarkable achievements.

Bee Gees tribute light show

Throughout the evening, every half hour from 7 pm to 9.30 pm, there is a light show set to the Bee Gee’s music.

These three kids from Cribb Island really made it to the big time, but Redcliffe’s Bee Gees Way is gold to fans as they can relive the life and times of Barry, Robin and Maurice.

Where is the Bee Gees Way?

Bee Gees Way Redcliffe extends charmingly between Redcliffe Parade and Sutton Street, offering a captivating stroll through the music history of this iconic trio.

Find out more about the Bee Gees Way.

Redcliffe is also a departure point for whale watching in Moreton Bay.  It is a great day out on the water.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK visited Redcliffe as a guest to check out the new Sebel Brisbane Margate Beach Hotel