Hello chocolate lovers, it’s time to get excited about ruby chocolate, the first new chocolate variety to hit your taste buds in 80 years according to San Churro CEO, Giro Maurici.

You can put this chocolate disrupter in the same line up as white, milk and dark chocolate along with a very different flavour and mouthfeel.  It’s not as smooth as white chocolate or as sweet as milk, and there are tiny hints of berry and sour passionfruit that will tantalise your taste buds.  Ruby chocolate contains 47 per cent cocoa which is higher than milk chocolate and close to dark chocolate. It is created using a slightly different technique which uses less fermentation.

Self-confessed chocolate addict Maurici explained the origins of this chocolate to me as a freak of nature and the most exciting product with which he has been involved.  Naturally occurring pink cocoa beans give this delicious chocolate its flavour. There are no nasty artificial colours involved to create the rosy red colour.  The taste works well with coconut, passionfruit and makes an impressive rocky road.

A tasting journey

San Churro’s limited-edition Real Ruby Chocolate Experience is a ticketed event with a tasting journey and dessert. The one-hour, two-part, dine-in experience opens with an expertly curated and narrated chocolate tasting. Guests are walked through chocolate history and educated with tasting notes on San Churro’s smooth dark, milk, white and ruby varieties.

It’s a dramatic, very Instagrammable moment when the dessert arrives at the table with Spanish churros covered in velvety smooth pink chocolate, all enveloped in a scented berry mist.

Don’t forget to take your headphones so you can enjoy the tasting experience notes through your phone.

Real Ruby Chocolate Experience

Seatings for the Real Ruby Chocolate Experience cost $35 per person, and are limited and bookable.  Here is where to find your closest San Churro store

I enjoyed the Real Ruby Chocolate Experience at San Churro Toowong.

Try San Churro’s vegan chocolate menu.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK tried the Real Ruby Chocolate Experience as a guest of San Churro.