Escape Brisbane city with a Moreton Island glamping getaway in beautiful Moreton Bay and discover all the things to do on Moreton Island.

Moreton Island glamping

It’s hard to believe that just a barge trip away from Brisbane lies this paradise at Castaways Moreton Island. It’s a great example of Queensland glamping style!

Moreton Island is located about 40 km off the coast from Brisbane. The ferry transfer here takes about 90 minutes and departs from the Port of Brisbane, which is about 20 minutes drive from the city heart. The transfer from the barge to Castaways Moreton Island takes about another 25 minutes of driving.

It feels like another world, hundreds of kilometres from civilisation and in some ways, it is! However, your mobile phone will still work in some spots, and there’s a friendly face at the local store for all those necessities of life, including wine and beer.

Driving on Moreton Island

There are roads on Moreton Island, but they are not the sort of roads that suit standard cars or even soft four-wheel-drive vehicles.

For Moreton, you need heavy-duty models that can cope with soft sand and big drops. Otherwise, you are likely to get bogged.

The good news is that you don’t need a four-wheel-drive car to get to your accommodation or explore the island. The folk at Castaways Moreton Island will pick you up and drop you back to the barge. You will find all the details when you book your glamping tent.

Moreton Island glamping

Glamping at Castaways Moreton Island is camping without the packing, setting up and packing up. It also means a proper, queen-sized bed, a room with a floor, a shower and a toilet that flushes. This is glamour when it comes to camping.

Bring your beach towel, but the rest of your bed linen and bath towel come with the room. The lighting is solar power, and you won’t find any power points inside your tent. It is glamping!

You don’t even have to take a camp kitchen, because there’s one set up for you and there are breakfast and dinner packs on offer from the store.

The eleven tents are gathered in a sort of circle around a central grassed area which is a great children’s playground and located almost amid the Bulwer township. The whole area is shaded by large trees and close to the local store, but the downside is that it is a short, 100-metre walk to the beach. You are not going to have a beachside camping experience here.

Things to do on Moreton Island

When you want to leave your Castaways Moreton Island glamping tent, there are plenty of things to do on Moreton Island including visiting Honeymoon Bay, the Moreton Island Lighthouse, Blue Lagoon (which is no longer blue) and Honeyeater Lake. The views are wondrous – and the journey highly recommended.

Where to eat on Moreton Island

Make it easy on yourself and add provisions packs for breakfast and dinner with your booking. Then you can whip up dinner in the communal kitchen.

Castaways, which is a very casual eatery outside the general store which opens for breakfast (from 8.30 or 9 am depending on the day) and lunch.

It opens for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights and on Thursday nights in peak times.  You do not need to dress up for dinner – neat and tidy will more than suffice because remember you are camping!

The general store has all the basics, including 4WD recovery equipment!


For a feast of local oysters (in season), head down to the Gutter Bar at Kooringal at the Stradbroke Island end of the island.

When to go glamping on Moreton Island

Unless you travel with school-age children, avoid Moreton during school holidays, public holidays and long weekends as the island gets very busy.

My best tip is to go to Castaways Moreton Island mid-week, or an off-peak weekend and your holiday will be much improved. In fact, it will be an exceptional experience that you will remember fondly for ages.

Moreton Island is a beautiful environment, with plenty to excite an adventurous holidaymaker looking for a new experience.

Moreton Island glamping tips

  • You need to book a Micat ferry transfer for your car or as a passenger if you are not taking a car
  • Not taking a car? Book a Micat ferry transfer to Castaways Glamping when you book your glamping tent.

Bottom line: A value-for-money adventure and a chance to experience a camping lifestyle without the hassle.

You’ll find all the details for Moreton Island Glamping here.

Where else can you go glamping in Queensland?

For another island glamping Queensland experience, try Stradbroke Island.

Whale watching in Moreton Bay is another way to explore this beautiful region.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK travelled as the guest of Moreton Island Adventures.