​Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for foodies? Check out these 21 top Christmas food gifts that you can send to your friends and family or to yourself! From premium oysters and luscious cherries to liquid plum pudding and squirmy surprises, they are all excellent quality, delicious products that your taste buds will enjoy.

These are my top Christmas food gifts suggestions based on my 20 years’ experience as a food and travel writer. They are also things I would like to see under my Christmas tree (just in case any of my family is reading this!).

Designed to take a little of the stress away from the season, these top Christmas gifts for food lovers are all available online. Simply click and pay and the rest is done by someone else! Do remember to check the delivery cut off dates if you want to have the present on Christmas Day.

Prices range from $29.95 to $1,270 and there is sure to be something to delight your favourite foodie

Just so you know, Eat drink and be Kerry does not receive commissions or payments for these products.

Photo above: Kira auf der Heide

Oysters with Rosé Mignonette

​Mouthwatering Christmas gifts for foodies to send

1.      Oyster tasting kit

This is an oyster lover’s dream come true.  Two dozen oysters from three different regions with tasting notes so you can compare and contrast. East 33 sources Sydney Rock Oysters from the entire length of the coast of NSW. Like wine, oysters take on properties as a result of their environment. This Tasting Kit contains a total of 24 Sydney Rock Oysters made up of 8 oysters from our 154° Series (north), our 152° Series (central) and our 149° Series (south). You’ll find tasting notes specific to each Series inside your Tasting Kit. Tip – Serve your oysters with a beautiful rose mignon dipping sauce

2.      Bug the one you love

This could make them squirm! If you want to bug the one you love this Christmas, here is the perfect gift! The Mega Christmas Gift Pack will be Christmas talking point and have your family chirping Christmas carols all day long. All the products are made in Australia from local ingredients and sustainably farmed foods.

3.      It’s in the box

My favourite farm box people in the Scenic Rim have released three Christmas gift boxes filled full of regional goodies.  I have always been impressed by the quality of their products.  They have a Deluxe Christmas Gift Box for $126, Christmas Entertainers Box for $120, and a Christmas Cookie Gift Pack for $32.

Scenic Rim Farm Box is available in South East Queensland. Check the website for delivery areas.

Get a Scenic Rim Farm Box at your door

gifts for foodies whisky

Lark Distilling Co Christmas Cask II.

4.      Liquid Plum Pudding

Yes, you read that correctly! Tasmania’s Lark Distilling Co. is celebrating the festive season with the release of its new single malt whisky, Christmas Cask II. For the second year in a row, the distillery has partnered with renowned Tasmanian bakery, Jean-Pascal Patisserie, to produce a festive whisky reminiscent of liquid plum pudding.

Patisserie founder, French pastry chef Jean-Pascal, hand-selects Tasmanian red wine casks to fill with fruit jus, used for making their Christmas fruit mince pies. These fresh, festive casks are then emptied and transported to Lark to be filled with seasonal single malt spirit.

5.      Do you believe in cheeses?

Who doesn’t want to find a box full of Bruny Island cheese under the tree this year? Their box includes great selection of four favourite cheeses: Petite Saint – a delicate little white mould cheese, Tom – everyone’s favourite semi-hard cheese, Odo – fresh and delicious, great on a platter or crumbled through a salad. Raw Milk C2 – their signature cheese aged for 12 months. These cheeses are accompanied by a tub of spiced cherries and a packet of Tasman Seasalt Lavosh for an instant cheese platter to die for. A top Christmas gift for a food lover

6.      Adopt a box of Tasmanian cherries

Want some more top Christmas gifts for food lovers? How about a 3kg box of luscious, glossy black Tasmanian cherries grown by Chris Wisbey and Sally Dakis on their farm near Richmond.  Sally and Chris will send you updates along the way of how the season is going, photos of the first blossom, fruit ripening etc and then when they are ready to pick, they will pack them up and send them to you. This is about bringing you along for the ride, giving you an understanding and insight into how your box of cherries is growing. By the time the courier delivers them in January, you will feel like old friends!

7.      Easy micro greens

Fresh from a healthy week at Gwinganna where delicious micro greens grown on the property decorated many dishes, I am keen to grow my own.  Micro greens have up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature versions, and the vivid colours, intense flavours and array of textures brings any dish to life. The Micropod kit makes the process super easy plus it looks good enough to sit on my kitchen bench all the time. A great gift for a foodie anytime. Note: This is not an Australian product, but New Zealand is nearly as good.

8.      The world’s best spiced rum

Another top gift for a foodie from Australia’s beef capital of Rockhampton.  That’s where you will find the World’s Best Spiced Rum Award with Saleyards Distillery Capricorn Spiced Rum taking home a win. The judges described the flavour as candied fruits on the palate with a nice balance of spice, vibrancy and surprise. They have also just released a limited edition Xmas rum too, with hints of pudding and spice!

Capricorn Spiced Rum $65. Available nationally.

World’s Best Spiced Rum is a Capricorn

9.      Don’t be told how to drink your whisky!

When people ask the folk at Pure Scot ‘how should whisky be enjoyed?’, they say ‘don’t be told’. But if you are in need of some inspiration for a gift for a foodie, the Pure Scot cocktail kit was created just for that. Pure Scot worked with some of Australia’s best bartenders and venues to design the perfect cocktail kit and a roundup of simple Pure Scot cocktails to suit every taste and mood. The kit includes whisky, a stylish matt black shaker, cocktail strainer, matt black double cocktail jigger and cocktail recipe book.

10.      The chocolate gift that keeps on giving

Gift your favourite chocolate lover a new reason to stalk the postman with a monthly home delivery of artisan chocolate. Cocoa Box chocolate home delivery service brings a hand-picked selection of Australia’s finest artisan chocolate, direct to doors across Australia each month. More on this artisan chocolate home delivery service.

Cocoa Box Gift Subscription (3 months) $149.90. Special bonus for Eat drink and be Kerry readers – use the code CHOC10 for 10 per cent off and free shipping. Available nationally.

The artisan chocolate delivery everyone needs

11.      Do you need some cheese therapy?

If you are buying for the person who picks cheese for dessert every time, or just someone who loves cheese, Cheese Therapy have just the answer.  Cheese Therapy has partnered with 17 cheesemakers throughout Australia to create boxes filled with never-before-made cheeses or those not readily available. One cheese for example had not been made for 15 years before it was featured in a Cheese Therapy box.  Each month there is a different box featuring four Australian-made cheeses with a curated tasting experience including the story of the cheese and cheesemaker.

12.      A chocolate smile

Brownies and truffles from Dello Mano is a perfect gift for a foodie. Designed for the real chocolate enthusiast, the Dello Mano Chocolate Lover Gift Box is a mouth-watering combination of Luxury Brownies (16 pieces Classic) coupled beautifully with a smaller gift box (250g) of handmade Belgian Chocolate Truffles (Classic). Dello Mano can ship with an ice pack if you are worried about warm weather. It’s one of the top Christmas gifts for food lovers.

13.      Avo lover’s heaven

If you are a fully paid up subscriber to smashed avo for breakfast, this pack will set you on the path to avo heaven.  The Avo Smash Gourmet Gift Pack has everything you need for a new set of avo inspired flavours.  There’s Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar, Avo Smash Dukkah, Lime Pepper Grinder Salt, Stainless Steel Grinder and a printed recipe card.

14.     Jingle Bells, Gingle Bells

Imagine that your Christmas tree baubles can make you a gin and tonic?  A little gin might be just what everyone needs around Christmas and Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. have come up with a solution creating gin filled baubles, otherwise known as Gingle Bells. They distil craft gin in their own distillery and then infuse each bauble with one of six unique botanicals to give them a special flavour and beautiful colour. The botanicals include specially selected edible flowers and Australian native fruits such as finger lime grown on their farm and spices.

15. Mushroom magic

Here’s another perfect Christmas gift for a foodie – a grow your own mushroom kit. Little Acre is an urban mushroom farm that supplies restaurants with premium quality mushrooms.  Now they can supply you with a pre-wrapped Christmas gift for your favourite mushroom lover. You can choose from Pink, White, Pearl or Blue Oyster mushrooms or Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Just so you know, they are a delicious Produce Awards State Winner too.

16. From a land down under

If your favourite foodie lives overseas and is unable to access traditional Australian junk food, The Ultimate Aussie Christmas Gift from Downunder Box will scratch their itch.  Best of all, you can personalise it to suit their taste. Send everything from Vegemite and Tim Tams to Chicken Salt with up to eight items.

17. Coffee is up!

Give a coffee lover the gift of Australia’s most sustainable coffee pods.  These Nespresso compatible pods are certified compostable.  Put them in your local council green bin or you can also include a return pod kit.  Their starter pack includes 60 capsules.

18. Make it a sparkling Christmas

Ready to enjoy at Christmas or the perfect gift for a Champagne lover, Taltarni’s three bottle Christmas Sparkling set includes their most popular award-winning champagnes. Each varietal drinks beautifully now and will cellar up to 10 years. These méthode-traditionnelle sparklings over‐deliver on quality at this price point.

19. Bee pleased

We all care about bees, right? Well, the Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit will help you grow food for bees with seeds and eco-friendly compost mix.  It would make a great present for kids or anyone who wants to be more sustainable.

20. Let there be Christmas pudding for all!

Even if you are not sitting around the table together, you can still share some Christmas pudding cheer by sending a pudding pack from The Mason Baker.  They make puddings in jars and pair them with Maggie Berr Brandy Butter Sauce.  The puddings come with a dessert guide and have a three-month shelf life.

21. Oh honey!

Harvesting honey has never been easier for want-to-be backyard beekeepers. With a honey flow bee house you simply turn the key to split the honeycomb cells to create channels releasing the honey, without disturbing the bees.  Pure honey straight from the hive into your jar.  I so want one of these. They have a holiday bundle with a flow hive, a smoker and bee suit so you will really look the part.


Did you find some perfect gifts for foodies?

I hope you find some things on this list that are the perfect gifts for foodies. I know these Christmas food gifts would all delight me!

Now that you have your presents sorted, how about making some Christmas cheer of your own with these recipe suggestions –

Johnnie’s Favourite Rum Balls – always a crowd-pleaser.