Escape the hustle and bustle and uncover the hidden things to do at Fraser Island (K’gari) with our exclusive list of 10 secret activities. Delve into the untouched beauty of this paradise, away from the tourist crowds. Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking natural wonders and embark on a journey like no other. From secluded beaches to enchanting rainforests, K’gari holds countless surprises waiting to be discovered. So, pack your sense of adventure and let us reveal the island’s best-kept secrets, ensuring an unforgettable getaway that will leave you in awe.

 Photo above: A Fraser Island (K’gari) sunset from the jetty at Kingfisher Bay.

 A bracken fern emerges before a blacked eucalpt.  Photo: Peter Meyer.

10 secret things to do on Fraser Island (K’gari)

Fraser Island (K’gari) is a popular playground, but there are still island surprises that await discovery including the new K’gari World Heritage Discovery Centre. The centre has been funded by USC and SeaLink Fraser Island with support from the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation and Fraser Coast Council.  It showcases content from USC’s Research Archives and images from K’gari’s resident guide and photographer, Peter Meyer.

“I witnessed other Nature come alive, and her ability to tolerate, and even thrive after fire.  Ferns emerging through the ash-covered leaves and new shoots sprouting from the charred Eucalypts is a remarkable site,” says Mr. Meyer.

There are four more expansions planned for the centre, including interactive and immersive digital displays and funding is being sought for these future facilities.

Take a moment next time you visit these 10 spectacular island locations and delve deeper for some unexpected delights. You’ll find Fraser Island on the Queensland coastline about 250 km north of Brisbane. The mainland departure points are Hervey Bay where there is a passenger and vehicle ferry to the island and Rainbow Beach where there is another ferry for those who want to travel up the eastern island beaches in 4WD vehicles.

Jetty sunset Kingfisher Bay Resort

Fresh prawns and wine on the jetty at sunset. Photos Kerry Heaney

1.    See it while you can

You’ve got plenty of time before green-coloured Lake Wabby does its disappearing act as it is overtaken by colossal sand dune Hammerstone Sandblow sometime in the next century. Home to several species of freshwater turtles and native fish, this window lake is a great picnic spot. Take a surfboard and slide down the sandhill into the lake.

Butterfly Lake Fraser Island

Butterfly Lake viewed from an Air Fraser joy flight. Photo: Kerry Heaney

2. Bird’s eye view

The twin wings of Butterfly Lake are only visible from the air from a scenic flight over the island. Hop on board a GA8 Air Van with Air Fraser Island, and you’ll take off and land on the 75 Mile Beach. If you are lucky, you also will spot whales during the migration season. This is a great extra for your things to do on Fraser Island list.

Things to do on Fraser Island Eli Creek

Swimmers enjoy a free ride at Eli Creek. Photo: Kerry Heaney

3.    Get a free ride

Every hour four million litres of freshwater flow out from Eli Creek on the beach, but like most things on Fraser, it is a leisurely pace. This makes it the perfect spot to bring a spare tyre or blow-up pink flamingo and watch your cares float away as you drift down towards the creek mouth.  There is a boardwalk to take you to the starting point for your drift ride.  You can join a Fraser Island day trip to Eli Creek but don’t forget swimmers!

Wanggoolba Creek Fraser Island

Wanggoolba Creek, Fraser Island. Photo: Kerry Heaney

4.    A silent creek

Running through a rainforest valley filled with tall trees and palms, Wanggoolba Creek is a little bit different to other streams. It’s not apparent until you get here, but this is a silent creek as the clear water flows across white sands (there are no rocks on the island, so no water flowing noise).

Take a walk through Pile Valley and immerse yourself in the heavy stillness of the rainforest.

5.    Top secret military training site

Did you know there were top-secret, high-level training missions on the western side of Fraser Island during World War II?  There were 900 men in a Z Special Unit trained in the island’s bush, beaches and sub-tropical rainforests. These men were part of Australia’s first Special Forces.  The group was known only to the Prime Minister and High Command and it completed more than 260 behind enemy line 260 operations during the war. There is a three-hour guided tour of the Z Commando School site and monument from Kingfisher Bay is a great thing to do on Fraser Island

Things to do on Fraser Island

Find the hidden beach at Lake McKenzie. Photo: Kerry Heaney

6.    Secret swimming spot

The pure silica sand at Lake McKenzie is not only dazzling white, but it is also perfect for cleaning jewellery. Your rings will definitely come home with extra sparkle.  The second hidden beach just around the corner on the west is where you can swim away from the crowds.  This is a popular Fraser Island day trip location.

Sunset Kingfisher Bay Resort

Sunset at Kingfisher Bay. Photo: Kerry Heaney

7.    Best sunset

For a memorable sunset, there is no better spot than the jetty at Kingfisher Bay Resort.  One of the island’s gateways is also a favourite fishing spot. Buy a glass of wine from the jetty bar and settle down for an endless red sunset across the calm western bay. It also is an excellent place to see the island’s wild dingos at sunset or sunrise.

8.    Safest beach swim

Fraser Island’s eastern beaches are filled with big waves, strong currents and ocean predators, but one of the safest swimming spots is also amongst the most scenic!  For a refreshing ocean dip head to Champagne Pools where coffee rock creates sheltered swimming spots for long and lazy dips.  Champagne pools is a Fraser Island day trip destination from Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Fraser Island Satinay trees

Waking through the trees in Pile Valley. Photo: Kerry Heaney

9.    Towering trees

Take a stroll through the Pile Valley Rainforest and marvel at the Fraser Island Satinay trees used to construct the Suez Canal and London docks. This area has been designated as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative. 

Bush tucker on Fraser

Bush tucker samples.  Photo: Kerry Heaney

10.    Forage for bush tucker

Learn how to forage for bush tucker and survive off the land with Kingfisher Bay Resort’s Tastes of Australia program. You can nibble on native berries bursting with flavour, relish in the refreshing citrus of lemon myrtle, and discover how these ingredients can be used in cooking.

Kingfisher Bay Resort room

A Kingfisher Bay Resort Room. Photo: Kerry Heaney

Where to stay on Fraser Island

My favourite place to stay on Fraser Island is Kingfisher Bay Resort. Cleverly disguised to blend in with the landscape, Kingfisher Bay is a low-rise collection of buildings stretching along the foreshore of the western side of the island. It has a wide range of accommodation options including hotel rooms and self-contained villas. There are three restaurants and four swimming pools on the property.

Many of the island tours, including whale watching tours, leave from here daily.

Jetty at Kingfisher Bay Resort


Explore Rainbow Beach

The car ferry to Fraser Island leaves from the relaxed seaside town of Rainbow Beach. Things to do here include horse riding on the beach and watching the sunset at Carlo Sandblow.


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