Give all the family the gift of a relaxed, but delicious festive season and use my favourite easy Christmas recipes.  These 11 tried and true recipes deliver well above their stress level with the fulsome flavours that everyone loves.  Best of all, most are do ahead recipes leaving just a few finishing touches for the big day.  From my family to yours, I hope you enjoy making these Christmas classics.

My favourite easy Christmas recipes

Depending on how many people you are feeding for Christmas lunch you might like to try a couple of these options.  A big roast turkey feeds a crowd and my recipe and tips will give you a moist, flavour-filled bird.  Seafood is a great option and simple to serve.  The trick lies in selecting the best produce and I have some tips to help you.

Roast pork with crunchy crackling is an all-time favourite.  There are a few crazy steps in this recipe but they work!  Even my cousin, who told me she got her two-year-old hairdryer out of the cupboard for the first time to make this recipe, achieved top crackling.  Give it a go!

Of course, what is Christmas without a leg of ham roasting in the oven with the delicious aromas from a glaze wafting from the kitchen.  A ham is a gift that keeps on giving because long after the guests are gone you’ll be enjoying its flavours in so many dishes.  It also means the cook gets some time out of the kitchen for the next few days because the ham is cooked and ready to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here’s how to make Christmas a fun and stress free time even for the cook.


Christmas turkey roast, roast turkey

Glazed and baked ham

How to pick a Christmas ham, slowly roast it in the oven covered with the best ham glaze recipe, and then carve it with ease.  I have included eight to pick from, so your holiday ham is a huge success.

Glaze, bake and carve your Christmas ham.

Roast turkey

The Christmas roast turkey sounds like a bit of a challenge, but it can be so easy.  I use a brined turkey which tastes just as good if you use a frozen bird.  That saves you dollars too.  I put that towards buying the best ham. 

How to roast a turkey

Brazilian Christmas

Thinking of trying something new for Christmas? When you can’t go to Brazil for Christmas, bring a taste of the country to your table for a Christmas feast with a difference with a Brazillian baked Christmas ham recipe accompanied by traditional foods.

Cook up a Brazilian Christmas Feast

Seafood feast

A seafood feast is a treat anytime, but especially at Christmas.  How do you know you are getting the best seafood? Use these tips from a sushi master, plus a few of my own, to pick premium every time.

Pick the best seafood

Harris Farms watermelon cake

Easy Christmas Dessert recipes

The hardest thing about dessert at Christmas time is making sure you keep some room in your stomach to fit it in!  From the traditional Christmas Pudding to a showstopper Bombe Alaska, easy Chocolate Cherry Trifle or a vegan-friendly Watermelon Cake, I’ve got plenty to tempt you here.

My best tips are plan ahead when it comes to dessert, right down to the accompaniments. That last-minute search for ice cream on Christmas Eve is guaranteed to be stressful and expensive.

These four desserts can be made ahead with minimal prep on the day.  The Watermelon Cake will require the most work, but it rewards with its fresh clean flavours.  Do source seedless melons otherwise, Christmas lunch might turn into a watermelon seed spitting competition!

Watermelon Cake

With watermelon at peak season this is a great time to make a watermelon cake.  You need a seed free melon with a good red colour throughout.  Ask your greengrocer for advice here.

Make a Watermelon Cake

Christmas Trifle

Trifle is another dish that always says Christmas to me.  It’s a family favourite too and there will be one on my Christmas dessert table. It’s an easy make ahead recipe that improves with age so do make it at least the day before.

Chocolate Cherry Trifle

easy Christmas pudding recipe in a slow cooker

Christmas Pudding

I can’t imagine Christmas without a rich Christmas pudding to really blow out the day.  My friend makes one for me every year. She actually makes 20! Her recipe is simple and delicious and she shared all her tricks with me so I can share them with you.

Easy Christmas Pudding

Bombe Alaska recipe

Bombe Alaska

Want to put on a little show for your Christmas dessert? A Bombe Alaska will give you plenty of wow factor without too much stress.  

Bombe Alaska

Easy Christmas treats and edible gifts to make

Christmas is a great time of the year to get baking! I believe a gift that you have made with love for another really shows that you care. I make rum balls for my friends and family and even exchange them for other treats. It’s all part of the fun of Christmas.

Start with rum balls, but don’t stop there.  A gingerbread house is so much fun to make and eat that you really must give it a try!

Rum Balls

These rum balls were my dad’s absolute favourite.  It’s a great way to remember him around the table at Christmas and to bring back the memories.  Be generous with the rum, and I do prefer Bundaberg Rum.  Even if it’s not your favourite, the strong flavour works so well in this recipe. Enjoy x

Johnnie’s Favourite Rum Balls

Gingerbread House

If you can keep this away from little fingers, a Gingerbread house makes a great snack post Christmas lunch when you are playing cricket or lying in front of the television. You can also make mini Gingerbread houses as a Christmas project with your favourite little people. 

Here’s a step by step guide

How to make a Gingerbread House