Tuck Shop Nostalgia Indulgence: Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea

Brace yourself to step back into your childhood as the Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea masterfully blends the cherished tuckshop treat flavours with gourmet cuisine for a new High Tea in Brisbane.

Your favourite childhood finger buns, those ones with the bright pink icing with a hint of whimsical musk, are just some of the stars, along with Lemon Drizzle Cake and classic Buttermilk Scones.

You might have thought the iconic pavlova couldn’t get any better, but Lennons surprises your palate with a coconut crunch and a touch of passionate passionfruit. It’s an elegant twist on the classics that will transport you back to those carefree days of lunchtime treats and grandma’s lovingly baked sweets.

Nestled in the heart of Lennons Restaurant & Bar in Hyatt Regency Brisbane, they’ve got sweet and savoury treats that’ll make your mouth do a happy dance

Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea
Kerry Heaney and Karen Ingliss
Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea Tim Tam Martini

Remember the good old days of the tuck shop and grandma’s house?

Reminisce with Every Bite at Lennons High Tea

Remember the good old days of the tuck shop and grandma’s house? These soft Finger Buns with just a hint of musk in the pretty pink icing that are just as irresistible as they were back then. One bite, and you’ll think that you’re back in the queue waiting for a lunchtime treat.

Of course, they haven’t forgotten the iconic pavlova. This bite-sized mouthful had had a little update with a coconut crunch and a touch of passionfruit. Yum!

The dense Lemon Drizzle Cake with its zesty icing is another bite-sized treat that will hit you right in the nostalgia feels.

Even your favourite vegemite scrolls make an appearance in a mini size with all the punch of vegemite and the delicious ooze of cheddar cheese. If summer is not complete for you without an ice cream sandwich in your hand, you’ll love the creamy, biscuity contrast of the ones that sweeten the deal at this new high tea in Brisbane.

Pink finger buns and lemon drizzle cake
Mini pavlova
Savoury items, Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea

Coastal Perfection in a Bite

Savoury delights pay tribute to the incredible flavours of Australia. Seafood lovers will flip for the Mooloolaba King Prawn and Cucumber Brioche, a taste of coastal perfection served in a buttery bun. The classic egg sandwich finger sandwich? That’s gone up a notch with a touch of watercress, turning simplicity into sophistication. There’s also a pressed pastrami and Swiss cheese ciabatta.

This high tea is not only a trip down memory lane but also a celebration of Aussie classics with a modern twist.

These are the diverse flavours and textures we’ve cherished for centuries, all served in a setting so elegant it’s practically begging for you to share it with friends and loved ones.

There are carefully crafted beverage pairing options as well, so you can enjoy your afternoon in style.

So, don your fanciest attire, bring your appetite, and take a tasty trip through time with Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea. It’s nostalgia with a side of laughter, and it’s a new Brisbane High Tea experience that’s sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Ice cream sandwich

The details

The Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea with tea or coffee costs $49. Add a sparkling wine or Passionfruit Sparkler Mocktail, and it costs $59. For $69, you can enjoy Champagne or a Tim Tam Espresso Martini with your High Tea.

Find Lennons at Level 2, at Hyatt Regency Brisbane, 72 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.

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Eat drink and be Kerry was hosted for the Lennons Aussie Icons High Tea.

Kerry Heaney in Monet in Paris photo garden

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