Noosa Heads may be the dazzling darling of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, but if you think that’s all there is, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a three day Noosa itinerary to help you uncover the hidden gems that will take your stay from basic to brilliant. Let’s dive into the secret side of paradise!

Join us on a three-day escapade as we unveil the best-kept secrets, inviting you to dive into the heart and soul of Noosa Heads like a true local. Get ready to discover untouched landscapes and the kind of warm hospitality that turns a trip into an unforgettable love affair with paradise. We have a treasure trove of hidden gems beloved by locals that will truly sprinkle some extra magic on your adventure.

TOP TIP: Time your visit to include the annual Noosa Eat Drink Festival. It’s a culinary extravaganza where foodies and wine lovers unite to indulge in gourmet delights and sip on exquisite wines, all set against the stunning backdrop of Noosa’s breathtaking landscapes. Get all the details here.

Where is Noosa?

Noosa is a coastal town located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia. It’s approximately 136 kilometers (85 miles) north of Brisbane, the state capital. Noosa is renowned for its stunning beaches, lush national parks, vibrant dining scene, and laid-back atmosphere. It includes Noosa Heads, Noosaville, and Noosa Junction, and hinterland areas.

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3 days in Noosa itinerary - Noosa Main Beach

Noosa’s Main beach offers plenty of sun, sand, and slow surf.

Three Day Noosa Itinerary

Day 1: Three Day Noosa Itinerary – Arrival and Beach Day


Depart Brisbane early in the morning, preferably around 7:00 AM, to make the most of your three day Noosa itinerary. Travel to Noosa Heads, which is approximately a two-hour drive from Brisbane.

Head to Noosa Main Beach to kick off your trip with some relaxation by the sea until you can check into your accommodation. If you are staying in Hastings Street, you’ll be surprised how close that beach escape is! Most hotels will let you park your car before you have room access as long as you are checked in.

TOP TIP: Find a hidden shady spot on the grass next to the beach at the northern end of Main Beach and ease yourself into the sun. There are lots of lovely nooks where you can see the beach but relax under a tree. Make sure you don’t leave any exposed food around your belongings. The local scrub turkeys have a keen eye for a snack and will rearrange everything while looking for a treat.

Find a shady, grassy beachside spot and soak up the sea vibes at Noosa.

Noosa Woods - 3 days in Noosa itinerary
Scrub turkey in Noosa Woods -3 days in Noosa itinerary

Beware of the pesky scrub turkeys!


Enjoy lunch at one of the beachside cafes or restaurants along Hastings Street, such as Bistro C or Betty’s Burgers. Here’s a list of Noosa restaurants.

Discover another hidden gem after lunch. Take a walk (1.2 km up a steep hill from Hastings Street) or drive to Laguna Lookout to see fabulous views of Laguna Bay and Noosa Main Beach. This lookout is a spot even locals tend to forget about. You can even see whales from here from June to November during the migration season.


Return to Hastings Street for dinner. The dining options are as diverse and delightful as your taste buds can handle, from award-winning Italian restaurants to mouthwatering Australian cuisine. During busy times, a reservation is your golden ticket here. Check out this list of where to eat in Noosa and book early. Locale, where you’ll find some amazing Italian cuisine, is one of my Hastings Street favourites.

After dinner, take a stroll along the beachfront boardwalk to soak in the night-time surf scene, or saunter down Hastings Street to revel in the vibrant, electric atmosphere. Treat yourself to an ice cream from local brand Happy Pops!

Make sure to include a meal at Locale during your three days in Noosa.

Locale dining - 3 days in Noosa itinerary

Day 2: 3 Day Noosa Itinerary Outdoor Adventures


Start the day like a true local with an early morning stroll along the coastal boardwalk from Hastings Street to Noosa National Park. The track is a hit with visitors, and it’s peppered with plenty of resting spots to soak in those fabulous views. This walk is a must on every trip—I wouldn’t dream of skipping it. It’s about a 3 km return walk from Hastings Street. We turned around at the entrance to the national park, but if you’re craving more scenic splendour, keep on strutting.

Don’t forget your swimming togs! You can take a refreshing dip at Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, or Little Cove along the way. Word from the locals is that Little Cove is one of the warmest swimming spots in Noosa—so dive in and enjoy!

Many people chat on the walking track sharing secrets with their friends, and you can’t help but overhear snippets of their juicy conversations. Here are some gems: “Do you think she’s passive-aggressive?” “He followed them all the way to the hearing!” “Would you get married again?” “I don’t think my mother would enjoy that.” “Bronze skin, blonde hair…” “Walk me through your Tinder date!”

You’ll be ready for breakfast after this beautiful walk. One of my favourite places is the hidden coffee shop tucked into Netanya Noosa, Providore on Hastings. You can stock up on local goodies including freshly baked bread and enjoy your breakfast in the quiet courtyard.

Afterward, hit the beach for another relaxing swim and book yourself in for a beach massage in the tent at the Noosa Woods end of the beach.

TOP TIP: Stop at the beachside coffee cart at Sails restaurant and grab a coffee before your walk. They also have deliciously healthy breakfasts and muffins for sale.

How about a massage on the beach?

Beach massage tent - 3 days in Noosa itinerary


Drive over to Gympie Terrace in Noosaville for a delightful lunch with a waterfront view. My favorite spots are Lanai, where the cuisine is fresh, locally inspired, and crafted from sustainably sourced and native ingredients and Noosa Boathouse where they have an epic seafood platter. Then, browse the shops around Thomas Corner and stop for an ice cream.

If you want to keep it casual, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the tables by the river at Noosaville Lions Park or Gympie Terrace Park. This is also a great spot to hire a boat and try kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

Afterward, head back to Noosa and refresh for the fabulous evening ahead.

Forget about your car! The Noosa Ferry is a relaxed way to travel on the Noosa River.

Noosa Ferry - 3 days in Noosa itinerary
3 days in Noosa itinerary - Sunset on the Noosa River
3 days in Noosa itinerary - Noosa Marina

Take a Noosa Ferry sunset cruise to Noosa Marina for dinner.


Board the Noosa Ferry (there’s a stop at the back of the Sofitel) for a beautiful sunset view of the Noosa River and dinner at Lucio’s Marina. Grab a seat at the front on the top deck for the best sunset view. It’s worth every bit of the $16 fare. The Uber back costs $23.

The toughest part of a Noosa Ferry ride is not getting off and chasing the delicious aromas that drift over from restaurants along the river. All along Gympie Terrace, you’ll see families barbequing their dinner with a crescendo of lorikeets in the trees above.

Tucked away in the quieter, less glitzy end of the Noosa River lies a culinary haven often overshadowed by the much-loved allure of Hastings Street – Lucio’s Marina. This unassuming gem has been quietly enchanting patrons for the past two years, bringing a taste of premium Northern Italian cuisine straight from the bustling streets of Sydney. Led by the ever-vigilant host Matteo Galletto, Lucio’s promises an experience that’s as welcoming as it is gourmet.

Step into Lucio’s and you’re transported to a world where elegance meets true authenticity. Matteo runs a tight ship, ensuring every guest is treated to a dining experience that’s nothing short of exceptional. The focus is on showcasing the best of local produce, with a particular emphasis on seafood delights that’ll leave you craving more. But, even if seafood isn’t your thing, Lucio’s has something to tickle every taste bud.

Start your culinary escapade with a daring spin on the classic negroni, featuring locally sourced Seaborne gin, accompanied by a palate-teasing sashimi cracker topped with kingfish, green apple, and mint. Dive into the oceanic depths with Tasmanian Akoya pearl oysters, served on a bed of river rocks and dressed in a creamy sauce with a hint of anchovy and lime zest – a true flavour explosion.

For the main event, brace yourself for the Mooloolaba prawn special – handcrafted pasta smothered in a rich bisque sauce, generously sprinkled with crunchy pistachios. And if you’re feeling carnivorous, sink your teeth into the 100 percent grass-fed cube roll MBS4+ beef, served with a medley of chard, baby cos, sour cream, and Parmesan – a carnivore’s delight.

Round off your gastronomic adventure with a sip of limoncello, sourced straight from the Dan Clark in Brisbane. Its zesty kick serves as the perfect finale to an evening filled with bold flavours and unapologetic indulgence.

Dinner at Lucio’s Marina

Lucio's Marina, 3 days in Noosa itinerary

Day 3: 3 Day Noosa Itinerary – Exploration and Shopping


Start the day with a leisurely walk through Noosa Woods. The path is about three kilometres along a path beautifully shaded path casuarina, banksia, and pandanus trees. This is a flat walk and very accessible. There are plenty of places to stop and take the beach views along the way.

About halfway, The Spit Van makes a great stop for a barista coffee and a view of the Noosa River mouth. They also have snacks and other takeaways. Walk to the end of the groin for a long view of Noosa Main Beach.  Grab some breakfast at MilkBar in Hastings Street and check out their extensive range of local products. This place is a gold mine if you want to self-cater.

Spend the rest of your morning exploring the boutiques and galleries along Hastings Street. Ice cream at Massimo’s is always a great halfway treat.  On Sundays, I like to visit the Noosa Farmers Market and stock up with premium produce to take home.

Grab your Noosa Woods coffee from The Spit Van.

The Spit Van - 3 days in Noosa itinerary


Take a country drive into the hinterland and enjoy lunch at Kin Kin General Store (do book ahead). The Noosa Hinterland is full of surprises. This route includes distilleries, breweries and local shopping!


Make your last dinner memorable with a seaside feast at Sails or Season in Hastings Street. My other dinner favourites include Noosa Waterfront Restaurant in Noosaville and Pucca Restaurant and Bar for Indian food. Here’s a list of Noosa restaurants.

Lunch at Kin Kin General Store.

Snail of Approval dish at Kin Kin General Store
Brisket burger at Belmondo's Noosaville

Brisket burger at Belmondo’s Noosaville

Heading home

Sadly, we all have to leave this little slice of heaven sometime to head home. Rise early and fit in one last swim along with a coffee at another Hastings Street institution, Aromas.

If you stay at Sofitel Noosa Pacific like I did, you’ll be able to make the most of the morning as their checkout is up to noon! Bonus!

Stop for lunch on the way home to enjoy Noosa’s best brisket burger at Belmondo’s on Renee Street. This hidden gem is a great place to fill your belly with premium organic food. Buy some takeaways and stock up the cupboard with an amazing array of deli items everything is made in-house, including the delicious cakes and pastries and the coffee is their own blend.

The fall-apart tender, full-flavoured brisket is a result of many years of brisket wars. Chef Steg cooks it for up to 14 hours, depending entirely on the tenderness of each piece. The meaty taste of this thick slice of beef on a lightly toasted milk bun with a piquant house-made barbecue sauce is incredible. This is a meal to savour and not for the fainthearted.

Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort.

3 days in Noosa itinerary - Sofitel Noosa Pacific
Sofitel Noosa Pacific Room

Plenty of space in the rooms at Sofitel Noosa Pacific

I stayed at Sofitel Noosa Pacific in Hastings Street, Noosa

Located in the heart of Noosa heads, Sofitel Noosa Pacific is an elegant French-influenced stay with all the Noosa trimmings. It’s in the heart of the best Noosa action but still a quiet and relaxed place to stay.  It’s the little things that make the difference here, like champagne in the foyer, and guests are made to feel very special.

Sofitel Noosa Pacific room deck with a view of the Noosa River

Sofitel Noosa Pacific deck - 3 days in Noosa itinerary

3 Day Noosa Itinerary Know Before You Go:

Weather: Check the weather forecast for Noosa Heads before your trip and pack accordingly, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. Remember it’s usually a little warmer here and elevated beach casual clothes will cover you for most places.

Transportation: Consider renting a car for ease of getting around Noosa Heads and exploring the surrounding areas.

Accommodation: Book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and get the best rates.

Reservations: During peak periods, it is essential to make reservations for tours, restaurants, and activities in advance, particularly for popular dining establishments. You may be able to snag a spot as a walk-in or with just a few hour’s notice during quieter periods.

Sun Protection: Never underestimate the Australian sun. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, hats, protective clothing, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong sun, especially if you plan on spending time at the beach or outdoors.

Water Activities: Planning to get wet? Make sure to pack sun-safe and water-appropriate clothing for kayaking or boating. Do follow all safety instructions provided by tour operators.

Disclaimer: Eat drink and be Kerry travelled as a guest of Tourism Noosa.