Discover an incredible Japanese restaurant in Turbot Street, Brisbane, at Izakaya Publico on level 1, Hotel Indigo Brisbane City Centre, where the giant red doors open to a hidden world of creative Japanese dining.

Izakaya Publico restaurant IMAGE Kerry Heaney
Izakaya Publico restaurant

​Izakaya Publico and Bar 1603

Izakaya Publico and its accompanying Bar 1603 live up to the promise of an izakaya, a Japanese word (居酒屋) which means “stay-drink-place.” Here you can grab a drink at the bar, then settle in for some fine Japanese food just like you would enjoy at a traditional izakaya tucked away in one of Tokyo’s side streets at this Japanese restaurant in Turbot Street.

Peppered with hand-painted artworks and murals created by local Queensland artists, including Blends, Bronte Naylor and Fuzeillear, the bar and restaurant are a visual delight. Each piece shares a unique Brisbane story, so ask the staff for more information about them.

A visit to the Japanese speakeasy Bar 1603 is a great way to start the evening and nibble on some edamame. Then, try one of their inspired Signature cocktails like Yuzu Margarita, made with tequila, yuzu, lime and Cointreau or their Japanese Slipper, made with Midori, Cointreau and lemon. Finish the evening with a nightcap in the form of Japanese whisky.

Izakaya Publico menu
Izakaya Publico dinner spread

Dining at this Japanese restaurant in Turbot Street

A curated menu of Japanese hits

There is a curated menu of Japanese hits from Executive Group Chef Sumit Batra (who oversees Izakaya Publico & Zuma restaurant at voco Brisbane City Centre) with Izakaya Publico’s Executive Sous Chef Chris Jang (ex Nobu, Stanley, Hellenika).

The restaurant seats around 90 people with a menu that showcases raw, skewers, coal grilled, noodles, fried, tempura, sando and sweet items.

I was invited to the opening event, and the menu was filled with stunning seafood, including a selection of sashimi, salmon skewers and assorted tempura.  The 9+ wagyu sirloin was perfectly grilled and very tender.

Izakaya Publico grill

Discover an incredible Japanese restaurant in Turbot Street

Flaming Warayaki Grill

Izakaya Publico has one of the only Warayaki grills in Australia, which imparts a unique char-grilled flavour to the food. Diners can watch the chef at work in the open kitchen, piling hay on the grill and the bright flames dancing around the food.

Make your ordering decisions easy with a Superior or Premium set menu and indulge in a selection of dishes from the A La Carte menu that includes wagyu, sashimi, miso and freshly caught seafood.

Nostalgic for Japanese winters? Go for the warmer Kamanberu Fry (Panko Camembert) with Sakura Dip.

Izakaya Publico is located at  27-35 Turbot St, Brisbane and open for lunch and dinner.

Izakaya Publico grill fire
Izakaya Publico dinner IMAGE Kerry Heaney