Where can you find the best new natural hot springs in Queensland and jaw-dropping spas? Follow the Outback Wellness Way hot springs trail. Make sure to include stops in hot springs in North Queensland and the Gulf Country on your road trip. Enjoy a mineral soak at artesian spring pools, outdoor bathhouses and natural rock pools.

Why does soaking in a natural mineral Outback hot spring make you feel great?

Soaking in a natural mineral spring can really make you feel great and it’s the perfect way to break your Outback Queensland road trip. Here’s why:

  1. Mineral Magic: Those mineral-rich waters are like a spa for your skin! They’re packed with goodies like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and potassium. They seep into your skin while you soak, helping you unwind. Magnesium? It’s like a muscle whisperer, melting away tension. And sulfur? It’s like a superhero for your skin, fighting off any baddies.
  2. Warm Hugs: Ever dipped into a warm spring?  The warmth boosts your blood flow and loosens up those tight muscles giving your body a mini-vacation and leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  3. Water Wonderland: Did you know soaking in water is a bit like magic? It’s called hydrotherapy, and it’s been around forever. The water supports your body, taking the weight off your joints and muscles. It’s like floating on cloud nine, easing away all that stress and strain.
  4. Glow Up: Those mineral waters can work wonders for your skin to give it a healthy glow. They can help detoxify, boost elasticity, and leave you feeling radiant and refreshed.
  5. Mindful Moments: It’s not just about the body—it’s about the mind too. Imagine being surrounded by nature, listening to the gentle flow of water in your own personal zen zone, washing away worries, and lifting your spirits.

A dip in these natural Outback hot spring waters is great for soaking away your aches and pains. Whether you are looking for a physical pick-me-up or a mental escape, soaking in a natural mineral spring is like giving yourself a big, warm hug from Mother Nature.

There’s a spring in my step, and a feeling of well-being that lasts for days for me every time I venture into a mineral-rich hot pool for a long soak.  I always make a stop at natural springs a priority.

Go ahead, dive into a natural hot spring in Queensland, and let the magic wash over you on your next road trip!

Cunnamulla Hot Spings is a geat stop on the trail of natural hot springs in Queensland

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Relaxing at Cunnamulla Hot Springs

How to make the most of your Outback hot spring visit on the Outback Wellness Way

1. Check whether you need to book ahead to secure your date and time.  Many places will accept walk-ins to their capacity but you may not be able to bathe if the hot springs are at capacity.

2. Arrive 15 minutes early before your booking so you can check in, change, shower, and store your belongings in the change rooms.

3. Allow around two hours for bathing.  This will give you plenty of time to absorb the minerals into your skin and relax in the warm water.

4. Don’t shower on leaving but keep the mineral-rich water on your skin for more benefits.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs

 Cunnamulla Hot Springs

Where to find the best new artisan hot springs in Queensland

Outback Queensland’s Wellness Way

Allow Nature’s healing touch to lead you along the Outback Wellness Way Hot Springs Trail, where timeless waters, cultures, and landscapes intertwine. Whether you’re a dedicated wellness enthusiast or a tired traveler seeking solace after a long journey, this trail invites you to relax, refresh, and harmonize with the Outback’s natural beat. This route takes you through southwest Queensland into the far west, venturing to Bedourie. There are more Outback hot springs all the way to Winton and then into the northwest where you’ll even find a spot to soak near Mount Isa.

There are seven pools at Cunnamulla Hot Springs.

Cunnamulla Hot Spring pool complex

South West Queensland

Great Artesian Spa, Mitchell

Discover The Great Artesian Spa, boasting two pools of artesian water, one naturally heated for muscle relief, the other cooler for a refreshing dip. One pool features naturally heated Outback hot spring waters from the Great Artesian Basin, ideal for soothing tired muscles and revitalizing both body and mind. The other pool offers a cooler alternative, catering to those desiring a different sensory experience. Accessible to all, with a hydro chair for mobility aid, and supported by Mitchell’s Visitor Information Centre. Great Artesian Spa

Pelican Rest Tourist Park, St George

Pelican Rest sits conveniently on the northern outskirts of St. George along Roma Road on the Outback Wellness Way. It offers a 12m heated therapeutic swimming pool and 8 acres of expansive parkland adorned with trees and vast grassy sites. Pelican Rest

St George Aquatic Centre

Facilities include a 50-metre lap pool, a heated Outback hot springs bath pool, and a new children’s splash park. This pool closes annually during the off-season for maintenance.

Charlotte Plains, Cunnamulla

Charlotte Plains, a family-owned and operated sheep station and campground near Cunnamulla, Queensland, invites guests to experience its Artesian Hot Springs on the Outback Wellness Way. These natural wonders offer a water park heated by the earth’s warmth, perfect for soaking in mineral-rich waters while admiring the stunning landscape. Guests can book by the hour, for a few hours, or even stay overnight! With two baths available, you can relax with your partner, a friend, or the whole family. The Hut is located approximately 10km from the Bore Campsite and approximately 1.5km from the Shearers Campsite & Accommodation. Charlotte Plains

Here’s where to find more great Queensland station stays.

Relax in an outback hot springs bath at Charlotte Plains on the Outback Wellness Way.

Outback bath Charlotte Plains
The Cunnamulla Outback Hot Springs complex

Cunnamulla Hot Springs is a highlight of the Outback Wellness Way

Cunnamulla Hot Springs

Newly opened Cunnamulla Hot Springs stands as an oasis of wellness nestled in the heart of the Outback Wellness Way. This bathing sanctuary is situated beside the Warrego River, where mineral-rich artesian water flows beneath the ground. Visitors can explore a constellation of geothermal mineral pools, along with a cold plunge pool, sauna, and steam room, all while relaxing under the shade of riverside coolabah and eucalyptus trees. By night, guests can marvel at the incredible starry skies of the outback while immersed in the natural hot springs. The facility boasts seven open-air geothermal mineral pools offering views of the river and the vast open sky. These pools vary in temperature and include a cold plunge pool to facilitate contrast therapy. Visitors can improve circulation and detoxification in the dry heat of the sauna, or experience the humidity of the steam room (Turkish bath). Afterward, they can be revitalized with a plunge in the cold pool. Cunnamulla Hot Springs

Artesian Mud Baths, Eulo

Imagine luxuriating in a bath filled with natural artesian water, enriched with the smooth, mineral-rich essence of milky clay with your choice of beverage and nibbles. The warm artesian water is infused with milky grey natural mud to allow your skin to soak up the goodness of the ancient minerals. These clays and minerals work wonders, cleansing, toning, and revitalizing your body.  The bath water originates from the Great Artesian Basin, a source of natural purity. The milky clay we use has been carefully selected for its mineral-rich properties, forged over thousands of years.  The pampering session begins with a 30-minute soak in the bath, followed by the application of the mud pack, which takes 5-7 minutes to settle or dry. Then, back into the bath for another 15-minute soak to gently wash away the mud. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.Artesian Mud Baths

Outback Queensland Roadtrip Saltbush Retreat

Outdoor baths at Saltbush Retreat, Longreach

Central West Queensland Outback Wellness Way

Saltbush Retreat, Longreach

Stay in the Salb Huts or Homestead Stables room and you have access to the traditional claw baths on the Outdoor Bath Terrace at Saltbush Retreat.  This is a wonderful experience to enjoy at sunset or amp it up with a pamper pack that includes bath salts, sparkling water, coffee and tea.  Saltbush Retreat

North Gregory Hotel, Winton

Nestled near the entertainment area, the outdoor spa offers a range of health benefits, from alleviating back pain to enhancing sleep quality, boosting heart health, and reducing anxiety and stress. It’s a haven for relaxation.  Indulge in a soothing dip and let the gentle bubbles work their magic! Complimentary for hotel guests. North Gregory Hotel

How do you get to Winton from Brisbane?  Here’s your route.

Shandonvale Station, Barcaldine

Experience the Treetop Artesian Bath at Shandonvale Station in Barcaldine, where you can luxuriate in the mineral-rich waters of the Great Artesian Basin. The rustic bath, perched 6.5 metres above the ground amidst the iconic coolabahs of Aramac Creek, offers a unique experience. Relax and unwind with champagne in hand as you immerse yourself in the natural, unparalleled beauty of the surroundings.  Shandonvale Station

Julia Creek outdoor bath

  Kerry Heaney at the Julia Creek Artesian Bath experience.

North West Queensland

Julia Creek Caravan Park Artesian Bathhouse

I can tell you from personal experience that this award-winning artesian bath experience is not to be missed.  Settle in here with your platter of goodies and watch the sunset over the Outback plains.  It’s a trip highlight. Highly recommended after a long day on the road. Soak your cares away and immerse yourself in the therapeutic minerals found in water sourced from the Great Artesian Basin. 

Julia Creek Caravan Park has over 40 powered caravan sites catering to rigs of all sizes, along with powered camping sites on expansive lawn areas. For those seeking a more rustic experience, there are ample large unpowered grass sites ideal for pitching tents or rolling out swags. The park also provides five fully air-conditioned self-contained cabins featuring a kitchenette, dining area, and bathroom facilities, accommodating either four or six guests each. Additionally, twin-single accommodation units with air-conditioning and shared bathroom facilities are available. Julia Creek Caravan Park

The biggest annual event in Julia Creek is the Dirt N Dust Festival.

Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs is one of Australia’s go-to destinations for natural hot springs and jaw-dropping spa pools. A 65-million-year-old geological wonder, the pools are part of one of only two mound springs in Australia. It is also the only one not fed by the Great Artesian Basin. Talaroo features private soaking pools, a new boardwalk to view the springs, a caravan park and campground, an onsite cafe, “Yarning Circle” firepit, and tours led by the Ewamian Traditional Owners.

Located within 31,5000ha of rugged Savannah landscape, the hot springs are fed by water that travels for 20,000 years after falling in the neighbouring Newcastle Ranges. When the water reaches the springs, its temperature sits at around 53-63 degrees Celsius. The main bathing pools have a balmy 35 degrees Celsius catering for year-round dips.

A former cattle station, the property on the Einasleigh River was purchased on behalf of the Ewamian Indigenous people nine years ago through the National Reserve System. It has been managed since as an Indigenous Protected Area and Nature Refuge by the Ewamian Rangers.

This new tourism experience allows the Ewamian people to share their culture and provide visitors with a deeper spiritual connection to the land through their guided tours. There is no free public access to the hot pools.  You need to take a Hot Springs Discovery Tour or book one of the Private Soaking Pools for a 30-minute session.

Talaroo Hot Springs will soon introduce two new eco tents to its campgrounds. Sleeping two people with access to Talaroo’s purpose-built amenities and camp kitchen, the tents are set just 300 metres from the beautiful Einasleigh River. Campers will be invited to partake in exclusive guided tours led by the Ewamian Traditional Owners, experience the healing waters of the hot springs, and join in a traditional Yarning Circle of an evening. There are 30 camping sites at the outback campground and a modern camp kitchen, amenities block.

Talaroo is a 4.5-hour drive from Cairns along the Savannah Way and can be accessed without a four-wheel-drive vehicle, although there are 10  kilometres of dirt road to travel. It can also be reached via a comfortable scenic rail journey on the Savannahlander train. A cafe on site serves snacks and drinks open from 8.30 am to 6 pm every day.

Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs Queensland natural hot spring
Cardwell Spa Pool

Aerial view of people swimming in Cardwell spa pool waterhole. Credit Tourism and Events Queensland

North Queensland

Cardwell Spa Pools

Cardwell Spa Pools, a natural swimming hole and a geological phenomenon 2.5 hours south of Cairns, has emerged as a favourite amongst nature lovers, photographers and travellers looking for a magical Instagram shot.  Thanks to the mix of minerals and a natural underground water source, the pools’ eye-catching colours can change between a soft turquoise and a mystical milky blue depending on the time of day, brightness, and angle sunlight hits the water.  This popular Queensland natural hot spring is located a short drive from Cardwell and is best visited following the summer season when the pools flow deep with refreshing clear-running water.

Cardwell Spa Pools

Innot hot springs

There are six temperature-controlled Queensland natural hot spring pools at the Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Health Park. Photo credit @PhlipVids

Innot Hot Springs

Those travelling out to the iconic Undara Lava Tubes should factor in a stop at the geothermal experience that is Innot Hot Springs.

Located halfway between Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands and Mount Garnet, Innot Hot Springs has been a highly sought-after Cairns Hinterland ‘hot spot’ for many years. Even as far back as the 1900s, the spring water at Nettle Creek was bottled up and shipped back to Europe to spread its rejuvenating benefits.

Today, visitors can pay a fee to access one of six temperature-controlled Queensland natural hot spring pools at the Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Health Park. You can also go natural and venture into the shallow sandy creek to bask in the revitalizing waters for free.


Best new natural hot springs in Queensland Jarramali Rock Art Tours Escarpment Spa.

Overlooking the landscape from the spa on the escarpment at Jarramali Rock Art Tours. Credit Tourism and Events Queensland.

Jaramali escarpment-top infinity spa

A new addition to the Jarramali Rock Art Tours experience, the Jarramali Spa atop the rugged sandstone escarpment helps guests disconnect from the day-to-day and appreciate the moment.

It is located west of Laura and is one of the country’s most remote infinity pools. This dreamy spa can only be accessed by joining one of Johnny Murison’s small group tours.

Jarramali Rock Art Tours depart from either Cairns or Laura and take guests on a journey through thousands of years of Indigenous culture and history. Hear stories from Johnny about his ancestors and connection to country as you make your way via 4WD to the Jarramli bush camp.

The highlight of the trip is a guided tour through the 20,000-year-old Magnificent Gallery at one of the Quinkan Rock Art sites, rated by UNESCO as one of the ten most significant bodies of rock art in the world for its variety, quantity, quality, and preserved brilliance. However, sunrise calls for an early start to witness the sun’s warm hues crawl over the escarpment as you relax in this Queensland natural hot spring infinity pool. Jarramali Rock Art Tours