Dinner with a Thrilling Twist: Harness Up for Unforgettable Dining

How far would you go for dinner with a difference? How about dining while suspended over the edge of the 17-metre-high historic Powerhouse building by the Brisbane River at New Farm? Welcome to Vertigo Brisbane, where fine dining meets breathtaking views of the city and river, transforming a meal into an unforgettable experience, especially as the sun sets in a spectacular display. 

Prepare for a gastronomic adventure where the only thing higher than your expectations is the altitude! The Vertigo challenge begins with the 100-stair climb through the historic Powerhouse building. I scaled the staircases like a culinary superhero, emerging on the roof to a different world of metal walkways and railings. 

Vertical dining Brisbane couples experience at Vertigo Brisbane restaurant

How far would you go for dinner with a difference?

This Ultimate Brisbane Adventure Date Offers Thrills and Excitement

Once at the top, a guide kindly shackles you to a support rail, ensuring you’re more secure than a vault at Fort Knox. And when you finally land in your seat, your harness connects to the structure at not one but two points, making you feel safer than a cat with nine lives. Dinner with a view just got a whole lot more thrilling! 

Scaling a wall and sliding onto a chair might sound like an Olympic event, but it’s best not to channel your inner acrobat and peek down during this daring manoeuvre. Once you’ve conquered the wall, the seat becomes your trusty accomplice, gently lowering you below the table like a culinary James Bond on a top-secret mission. 

Vertigo Brisbane restaurant

Exploring the Vertigo Brisbane Menu

Bar Alto Vertigo dining experience begins with a glass of wine paired with a delightful burrata entree surrounded by vibrantly coloured heirloom tomatoes topped with aged balsamic. 

Sharing is the name of the game with communal entrees and mains, making the experience as social as it is delicious. For non-seafood enthusiasts, trade the ocean delights of bay bugs, king prawns, mussels and calamari for pumpkin gnudi with mushrooms. Cap off the feast with a decadent chocolate caramel custard dessert and a snappy hazelnut biscotti. Dietary needs are covered with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. 

Vertigo Brisbane Powerhouse

Discover the Vertigo Brisbane experience

Vertigo Brisbane Restaurant is a dining experience that intertwines heart-pounding adrenaline into a thrilling journey in Brisbane’s first-ever vertical restaurant, creating the perfect Brisbane adventure date.

It starts at the base of the Brisbane Powerhouse, where you check in for your booking. We had a twilight seating, which began at 4.30 p.m. The first 30 minutes were spent signing forms and kitting up with a safety harness. We were also breathalysed to ensure we had not slipped a sneaky shot for courage beforehand.

The instructions were to wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes, so I put on my comfy boots, perfect for walking up the stairs and along the metal walkways.

Leave your dangling earrings, necklaces and bangles at home for this vertical dining experience. They will get in the way.

How do you leave a vertical dining experience?

Getting out of the seat? Well, that’s a reverse procedure, and it helps to have a reasonable level of fitness and the flexibility of a yoga master. 

Now, reality check: How on earth do you get down from this gastronomic cloud nine? Option one is the slow and steady rope descent—a daring choice for those with nerves of steel and a penchant for controlled plummeting. As for the rest of us mere mortals, there’s the more grounded option: the classic walk down. I opted for the spectator sport of watching the brave souls take the rope route, thinking, “Yep, that looks easy and safe… maybe next time, after I’ve had my daily dose of courage in my morning coffee.” 

Who said dining couldn’t double as an adrenaline rush? 

What you need to know about Vertigo Brisbane

Got some questions?

  • Brisbane Powerhouse is located at 119 Lamington Street, New Farm.
  • Parking around this area can be crazy, so allow extra time. Free parking is available in New Farm Park, a short walk to the Powerhouse. There also is a paid car park at Brisbane Powerhouse.
  • Do you want to bring your child? Well, they have to be over ten years old.
  • There are eight tables, and each seats two people.
  • Vertigo Brisbane operates from Thursday to Sunday in the evening.
  • The vertical dining experience still operates in light rain but bring a weatherproof jacket.
  • Go to the loo before you put the harness on.
  • The Vertigo dining experience costs $250 per person and takes about two hours.
  • How fit do you have to be? You have to climb several sets of stairs and be able to maneuver into the seat, which is a little tricky; however, there are guides to help you. 
  • Did you feel safe?  I’m not afraid of heights but I’m also no daredevil.  I had confidence that I was secure in the harness and would not fall.
Brisbane adventure date at Vertigo
Vertical dining Brisbane adventure date

Unforgettable Thrills at Vertigo Brisbane

This unique and thrilling experience at Vertigo Brisbane offers a refreshing perspective of the city, providing an exhilarating adventure that pushes the boundaries of comfort. It presents a beautiful opportunity to explore the city in a way that is both exhilarating and out of the ordinary and a tremendous Brisbane couple’s experience.

While the weather conditions can impact any outdoor experience, it is essential to note that even in the face of strong winds on the opening night, this unforgettable dining experience continued to deliver a truly remarkable time.

Disclaimer: Kerry Heaney was hosted by Vertigo Dining.

Kerry Heaney in Monet in Paris photo garden

Written by Kerry Heaney

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